First Piercing Lower Lip Done by Myself!

This lower lip piercing story was submitted by Tia from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lower lip self piercing

Ever since middle school I had wanted to get my lip pierced and I begged my parents and they just wouldn’t let me. So, I did it by myself with a tack and of course it got infected when I was 13. Then, my dad finally gave in but said I had to pay for it so I saved my money and he brought me.

He didn’t know I needed a birth certificate… I had to wait 🙁 Apparently they lost my birth certificate and so he got a new one and I kept begging for him to bring me back but he refused because I’m old enough to get a job now and “I can’t get a job with piercings.”

At this point I took matters into my own hands. All I asked for was Amazon gift card for Christmas of 2013 and that’s exactly what I got so I bought a piercing kit and a ton of labrets and the kit came with either labrets , barbells, or rings. I chose rings which I personally believe are best for healing.

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Getting Pierced in the Restroom

This Monroe piercing story was submitted by Crystal from San Bernardino, California.

Monroe Piercing in restroom

 The type of piercing I have is a Monroe piercing on my left side.

I only have this piercing because I have to wait until I’m 18 to get my tongue piercing, but on to my story.

I wanted to get my lip pierced so I asked my friend and she did it, but we had to meet up somewhere, so she told me let’s meet up at the library I’m already here!

So I went and we didn’t want to get in trouble so we went into the restroom in the library. And she sterilized everything and I got it done in the restroom.


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Cartilage of Death

Submitted by Shianne from Utah

Cartilage Piercing

Me being the dumb 13 year old girl I was, I decided to pierce my own cartilage with a safety pin. Yeah, I know, possibly one of the dumbest things you could do. But, I thought I was being “money efficient” and “smart.” So, I got my safety pin, rubbing alcohol, and finally my purple marker so I could mark where I was going to stab myself 😉

I mark up my ear, dip my safety pin in rubbing alcohol and shove it through my ear…that was a very, very bad idea. One second it was going fine, and the next there was a surge of blood and pain 😡 I quickly grabbed a cup off my nightstand and put it under my ear, I sat like that for a good ten minutes before I stood back up and went to the bathroom to clean my disaster.

The blood was still dripping from my ear at a semi-rapid rate and the small cup was a third way filled
with my blood!

I looked in the mirror and saw the pulpy, bloody, vermillion, and swollen mess of an ear I had created and ran upstairs to show my mother. (She had no idea I was doing this!) 😡

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My Sexy, Little Tongue Ring

By Svetlana from Nevada

Free Body Jewelry

About a year ago, I’ve decided to get my tongue pierced. I’ve always wanted one for so long. I was 18 yrs old and no I didn’t need my parents permission. What inspired me was nothing really, I just wanted it done and it looked sexy and I believed it would suit me. 😉

The studio i chose to go was just random. I remember my cousin Lydia went with me and we were BOTH supposed to get it done but she ended up not getting it.

I was asking my piercer  who turned out to be a lesbian and it made me feel better because it was a girl and not a guy. She was really nice and was talking to me like I was her friend. She made sure to tell me every detail on proper care of the piercing. I went ahead and chose the jewelry and asked her a few more questions unrelated to my piercing. I asked her about getting microdermals on the back of my neck. She said this wasn’t the best choice and they dont always heal properly because neck moves a lot. I felt like she was being honest with me.

She went ahead and gave me his special mouthwash so I can rinse my mouth out. After I gargled and spit it out, she asked me which spot of my tongue would I like it pierced at. I showed her, she grabbed a non washable blue marker and marked a little small dot as a pointer on where I was going to get pierced. She told me to go look in the mirror she had up on the wall, I did. The spot was perfect! 😀

I was excited so I told her to go for it. My cousin asked if she needed to hold my hand, I said no. I was a little nervous, but stoked. The piercer went ahead and put a clamp on my tongue and told me to breathe in. I was sitting on the table, as she grabbed a needle and shoved it through my tongue from the bottom pushing it up. As i was focusing on my breathing, she told me I was almost done. She put the barbell through the needle and lastly screwed on the top of the ball.

She gave me aftercare guidelines. I was just suppose to be rinsing my mouth every time I ate.
It took 4 weeks to heal. Never got infected! 🙂

My tongue ring

By Saterica from Alabama.


the first time i got my tongue ring was like a year ago i was 16 it was exciting i got it because it look cool and i really wanted one because i love piercing .so me my sister and one of her friend went to get one for their birthday.

i was very nervous and afraid because i thought it was going to hurt really really bad but it didn’t because everybody i ask did it hurt they said it did but when i got mines it didn’t really hurt it was just after i got it did .

I went and got my tongue pierced on march 2,2012. . I was soooo scared. I went alone which i knew was dangerous but it all worked out fine. She did it for $15. It seemed like only a pinch to me but i was like in shock because I’ve been wanting to get it done for a long time and i had finally gotten it.

I got in trouble that day because i came home late but i didn’t care i had my tongue pierced !!!! It kind of hurt for the first two months and there were times where puss came out but i cleaned it really well and now its fine. It also hurt for about the first two months. My parents had found out about it like a month ago.

They made me take it out but no more that 2 hours later they said that i could keep it. It was hard to get it back in but i did. I love it !! and i plan on getting my belly button pierced and my ear again. 🙂 i only have a few tongue rings and i would like to get more and this website has the coolest ones that i really like so i hope to hear from you guys soon thank you !!

A suprise for my wife.

By Jacob from Texas.

nipple_fbu My kids had to decided to give my wife the gift of a navel piercing for Mother’s Day. My wife was getting pretty excited, but she was also anxious. She doesn’t like needles, so I could understand why this might be a little scary for her.
I made my decision to go with her, to try to be there for support. Little did she know I had something else in mind. I had decided to get a couple of piercings too!
We walked into the establishment where we were gettting our piercings done. After my wife picked out her new body jewelry, I asked the piercer for another release form and told her what I wanted to get done. I ended up getting both of my nipples and one of my eyebrows pierced. My wife was really surprised.
The nipples definitely hurt worse than the eyebrow, and they were all pretty sore for a few days after. Unfortunately, our toddler kept pulling on my eyebrow and I kept hitting it and getting it caught on random things, so I had to take it out.
I still have my nipple rings. They aren’t soe anymore. And, my wife loves to play with them!

15 Dollars and A Dream

By Ashley fron Bronx, NY.
 I was 21 years old when i got my first body piercing – the lip ring. I wanted it for 5 years before that, but I respected my mother’s wishes by waiting. I took her with me because I hate needles, but LOVE piercings and wanted to show her the piercer I trusted was a pro. We arrived, I signed an “over 18″ contract, paid, and asked her to hold my hand . As soon as my piercer cleaned my lip and got the needle ready, she ran out! So that leaves the experience of being alone for my first piercing.

Fast forward to 2012 – 3 years later.
I saw someone with the nasal septum ring and thought I would look AWESOME with one, it just fits my look . I told my mother and she asked why, she said i need NO MORE enhancements, I was pretty enough. But I HAD to. When I filed and receieved my taxes , I grabbed a 20 dollar bill and RAN to my piercer/tattoo artist . Once again , I had mommy dearest in tow. Deja Vu all over .. I signed the contract , paid , and asked her to join me … UNTIL my piercer said no . 🙁
So I sat down, let him clean my nose, and when he put the clamp on my nose, I automatically jumped up and said,
” Ummm I can’t do this. The clamp hurts, I can only imagine what the actual piercing would feel like . ” He laughed and said, ” Come on, really ???? Well let me know and I’ll refund you. ” I thought for a while and heard my mom say something about almost being late for work. So I decided to grow some BALLS and go for it !

I stuck it out ! Didn’t even flinch ! But I dug my nails into the chair so hard, I preforated his leather LOL . He showed me how to tuck it in for job interviews and/or school and I walked out …. One month later, I LOVE IT !
I may go for my right eybrow to complete it. MAYBE. As for now, I’m pretty satisfied, other than my CRAZY ass uncle said I looked like a cow . I get LOTS of compliments on it.

The Long awaited One!

By Janice  from Texas.
 The holidays came around, and I wanted another piercing. I didn’t know which one I wanted until my friend Josh came up with the idea. I decided to get my tragus pierced. I had always like the way this piercing looked, and it was not another body piercing. Along with my friend Josh, we went to the piercer and I got my sparkly.
It was New Year’s Eve and I was excited. It was a long time since my last piercing so naturally I was anxious. Around 2:00 my friend Josh picked me up and we headed toward the piercers. I was even more nervous when I noticed there were few people there that day. We went up to the lady at the front of the store. She asked us what we wanted, and I told her that I wanted a standard tragus piercing. She asked for my ID, but as usually I didn’t have it. My friend Josh instantly pulled out his ID and showed it to her. He also decided to pay the $40 dollars since it was his idea anyway. After he paid her, she told use to sit down and wait. By this point I was more nervou than ever.
When she finally came out to get me, my heart was racing because I knew I was about to be pierced. She led me to a back room and told me to sit down in one of those familiar chairs. She was the one that would be piercing me. After I sat down, she started to set up the tray with the needle, clamp, gloves, jewelry, and marker. She told me to put up my hair and marked the spot on my tragus to be pierced. She put on her gloves, placed the clamp on my ear, and proceeded to put the needle through. Before I could breathe out, it was done. Ouch is the exact word I used. The worst part was when she tried to put the jewelry in. The needle came out but the jewelry was stuck halfway through my ear! I had two choices: wait for the hole to close up and try again or force the jewelry through. I chose to have it pushed through, and it hurt so bad. After the jewelry was successfully pushed through my ear, she gave me a card about the aftercare involved, and we left.

Lips, rings and pointy things.. how NOT to peirce your lip!

By Halo from Illinois.
A while back me and my boyfriend went on a little unauthorized week-long vacation. During which i decided i needed to get my snake bites back (for no other reason then i missed them).

I had no money and prefer piercing myself so i had to find someone with a lip ring or two i could use) After finally finding a friend that had a lip ring i decided with only one ring, things needed to be even, it had to go in the middle. My friend, boyfriend and i went to a local cafe and took a thumbtack off their bulliten board then my friend and i headed to the bathroom.

I washed the tack and the ring with soap and water (gotta keep things clean right? :p ) and then tried to push the tack through… lets just say dull tacks and water (which is not a lubricant by the way) make it really hard to get through those little balls in your lips… About half way through i had to stop and breath.

After finally getting the tack through i had to pull it out (which kinda closes the hole btw) and try to put the ring throug…. Just a reminder if your ring is bigger than the thing you made the hole with, your in a WORLD of hurt!!! after getting the ring half way through i had to have my friend help. she sat me on the toilet and tried her best to get it through. it wasnt gunna happen.

after about 20 mins of this i went out to my boyfriend who told me to hold onto the fence behind me. i grabbed the fence and bent my knees… lets just say some people thought my boyfriend and i were fighting with the scream and tears that followed 10 mins of pushing.. my friend said it sounded like i was giving birth… in a way i was kinda…. only it was mettle and on my lip.

After that my lip swelled alot and i had problems eating and drinking and kissing… the easiest way to care for a peircing like this is to NOT do it or take it out and get it done professionally… this piercing stayed in for a week before it got infected (even with the use of cleaners and proper care technique). I had to take it out.

A note from the editor:

This website does not condone or encourage self-piercing. Piercing should be carried out by a fully qualified, trained professional in a suitable studio with the appropriate equipment. Piercing is dangerous and, if done incorrectly can cause infections and serious injury. Halo, in her story, is wise to encourage others to get their piercings done professionally. Thanks for the story Halo.

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1 inch lobes

By Carissa from California.
I started stretching my lobes when I was fourteen right after I got my lip pierced. My earsI started stretching my lobes when I was fourteen right after I got my lip pierced.

My ears wernt pierced I just had a scar from when I had them done when I was a baby so friend and I went to hot topic to pick me up some plugs and the smallest size they had were 12’s so I bought them anyways, we went to the bathroom and I shoved them in I pretty much just tore a hole in my ear, it was stupid. my earlobes were so swollen I couldnt sleep or eat because it made my jaw swell too. Probably the dumest move ive made with any of my body modifactions.

I stretched stupidly and cleaned my ears with rubbing alcohol until I was to about a zero and I realized I was doing everything wrong so I took my time with stretching I stopped jumping sizes, cleaned them properly, taping them, stopped wearing acrylic its like murder for your ears dont buy acrylic. dont do what I did it was dumb. Ive seen so many storys of people ust totally killing their ears by jumping sizes putting random objects in them, using peroxide to clean them , its horrible, strettching your ears isnt a tiny piercing like an ear piercing that wont effect your life, if you want to stretch think about it it isnt always reversable, it will effect how you get a job and if you’re doing it wrong it can severly effect your health. no one wants a ripped, or blown out ear so be smart with it. stretching isnt some joke or fad.

After 5 years of stretching im at an inch, im staying here for a while, possibly going to an inch and a half, but im not sure im going to sit on it for a year and think if I want to, I do plan on keeping these, not letting them close up, I put to much work and care and love into my lobes. they look great they are healthy and happy and perfect, ive never torn them or anyuthing like that its easy to have nice looking stretched lobes people just dont take the time to take care of them.

I however did. It isnt a race.