My Monroe Piercing Story

This monroe piercing story was submitted by Melanie Fairon.

Monroe Piercing Story

I was 17 when I was first considering getting a Monroe piercing because I had seen so many of my friends get one and I saw how it enhanced their facial features by drawing attention to them, so I discussed it with my friends and family and they all agreed that I should get it! 🙂

Unfortunately the funds for it were not available at the time so I held off until the summer after my 19th birthday. My friend Andrea and I went to a local place we’ve both been to before to get some information about it and then one Friday afternoon we grabbed another friend of ours and my boyfriend tagged along to watch the process. 😀

Andrea went first getting her belly button pierced while I was choosing the jewellery for my Monroe piercing. The girl who pierced us was very knowledgeable in piercings sporting a few different ones of her face as well as a few others she mentioned getting.

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First Piercing Lower Lip Done by Myself!

This lower lip piercing story was submitted by Tia from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lower lip self piercing

Ever since middle school I had wanted to get my lip pierced and I begged my parents and they just wouldn’t let me. So, I did it by myself with a tack and of course it got infected when I was 13. Then, my dad finally gave in but said I had to pay for it so I saved my money and he brought me.

He didn’t know I needed a birth certificate… I had to wait 🙁 Apparently they lost my birth certificate and so he got a new one and I kept begging for him to bring me back but he refused because I’m old enough to get a job now and “I can’t get a job with piercings.”

At this point I took matters into my own hands. All I asked for was Amazon gift card for Christmas of 2013 and that’s exactly what I got so I bought a piercing kit and a ton of labrets and the kit came with either labrets , barbells, or rings. I chose rings which I personally believe are best for healing.

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Getting Pierced in the Restroom

This Monroe piercing story was submitted by Crystal from San Bernardino, California.

Monroe Piercing in restroom  The type of piercing I have is a Monroe piercing on my left side.

I only have this piercing because I have to wait until I’m 18 to get my tongue piercing, but on to my story.

I wanted to get my lip pierced so I asked my friend and she did it, but we had to meet up somewhere, so she told me let’s meet up at the library I’m already here!

So I went and we didn’t want to get in trouble so we went into the restroom in the library. And she sterilized everything and I got it done in the restroom.


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A Spunky Balance With Piercings

Teen Wondering about body piercings

When you’re born with a particular look, the ideal way to look and feel your best is to find out what your best features are and emphasize those features using makeup, accessories, clothing, and even body jewelry! You want to balance the look you have naturally with your individual personality and style.

This girl executes this concept perfectly by adding a combination of flirtatious makeup, a mature-looking necklace, and tough-looking piercings to a young face and adorable hairstyle to show the world that there’s much more to her than just being cute!

The spiked labret piercing gives a bit of a devious twist to the enticingly risqué red lips while the left nostril piercing provides a nice balance for the right eyebrow piercing. The spiked brow piercing enhances the upper part of the face and draws attention to the beautifully groomed eyebrows and daringly intense eye makeup, adding a hard-hitting edge to a sweet and innocent face. All three piercings work together to add a bit of sparkle to the face, brightening the look and complementing the freckles nicely to achieve a mischievous, curious, full of wonderment, and fresh-yet-mature image for this girl.

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Eyebrow Piercing Experience

This eyebrow piercing experience video was sent in my Aleta from Vegas! Thanks! 😉

This is my right eyebrow piercing and I decided to get it done when I was 18 in Merced, California.

I don’t really know why I decided to get it done – I was just being rebellious or something like that. 😉

I got it done in some little shop where I was living at the time.

I didn’t hurt at all actually when I got it done.

Eyebrow Piercing Experience

I think I paid something like 30 dollars to get it done and it healed really easily, it didn’t really hurt or scab over, bleed or anything.

The only difficulty I had with this one was that the piercer who pierced it did it a little bit longer – kind of an in-between sizes of most piercings so it’s a bit difficult to get the right size piercing for it.

But otherwise I haven’t had any difficulties with my eyebrow piercing ever since!


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Neck Dermal Anchor Piercing Experience

This dermal anchor piercing experience video was sent in my Aleta from Vegas! Thanks! 😉

Free Body Jewelry

This is my only dermal anchor (check out our stock of dermal body jewelry HERE!) – I got it done a few years ago here in Vegas shorty after I heard about dermal anchors because they were totally new to me.

I actually got this one done just down the street from where I live – a place called St. Ink’s.

I decided to get it on the nape because I thought it looked really cool in the middle of the tattoo! 😉

Neck dermal anchor

I want to get some more dermal anchors done in the future but I haven’t decided to where yet.

This one actually didn’t cause me that many problems when healing. It got a little swollen, and a tiny bit infected when it got caught on things like the scrub-brush when showering or doing other activities.

But other than getting my dermal anchor caught on things a couple of times I didn’t really have any issues with the healing and the piercing didn’t really hurt much at all ❗

It was just like a little needle just poking and digging around the back of my neck and once it was done, there was no more pain after that.

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Check Out This Sexy Labret Piercing!

Sexy labret piercing

Free Body Jewelry

I can’t seem to stop being amazed at how well some types of body piercing looks on certain types of people!

Just look at this photo of a young girl with crazy violet hair – she has a rather long piece of labret body jewelry inserted right under her bottom lip but it looks just AMAZING!

This particular labret jewelry is a metallic spike, but as you can imagine, this is just one tiny little bit of the larger range of labret studs that are available in online body jewelry shops.

Ours is no different – you can check out our range of labret jewelry HERE and see if you spot anything to your liking! 😉

But if you look very intently, you’ll notice that the girl in the photo also has a nose piercing – it’s just that the nose stud is so small it’s pretty hard to spot it!

And here’s the good news, by the way – regardless of what kind of body piercing you have – be it labret, nose or navel – you can submit your body piercing story HERE and get free body jewelry posted to you!

No kidding, it’s totally true, just check out this tongue piercing story sent in by Svetlana from Nevada, for example! 😀

Sexy Redhead With a Monroe Piercing

Sexy redhead with monroe piercing

Free Body Jewelry

Just have a look at this amazing redhead!

Do you notice the tiny little piercing just above her upper lip?

I personally think it looks gorgeous and it almost reminds me of Merlyn Monroe and her trademark birthmark on her upper lip which added to her sex appeal! 😉

But wait…

Did you know, by the way, that this type of piercing is actually called a Monroe piercing? Yes, I’m not kidding with you, they call it Monroe piercing because of its uncanny resemblance to the famous movie icon’s birthmark!

And here you can find some great Monroe body jewelry – you’ll notice the page is called labret body jewelry, but don’t worry – it’s simply because you can use labret studs in Monroe piercings and vice versa.

In case you’re considering a Monroe piercing yourself – here’s some aftercare guidelines to make sure you look after your fresh piercing properly.

Cartilage of Death

Submitted by Shianne from Utah

Cartilage Piercing

Me being the dumb 13 year old girl I was, I decided to pierce my own cartilage with a safety pin. Yeah, I know, possibly one of the dumbest things you could do. But, I thought I was being “money efficient” and “smart.” So, I got my safety pin, rubbing alcohol, and finally my purple marker so I could mark where I was going to stab myself 😉

I mark up my ear, dip my safety pin in rubbing alcohol and shove it through my ear…that was a very, very bad idea. One second it was going fine, and the next there was a surge of blood and pain 😡 I quickly grabbed a cup off my nightstand and put it under my ear, I sat like that for a good ten minutes before I stood back up and went to the bathroom to clean my disaster.

The blood was still dripping from my ear at a semi-rapid rate and the small cup was a third way filled
with my blood!

I looked in the mirror and saw the pulpy, bloody, vermillion, and swollen mess of an ear I had created and ran upstairs to show my mother. (She had no idea I was doing this!) 😡

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My Sexy, Little Tongue Ring

By Svetlana from Nevada

Free Body Jewelry

About a year ago, I’ve decided to get my tongue pierced. I’ve always wanted one for so long. I was 18 yrs old and no I didn’t need my parents permission. What inspired me was nothing really, I just wanted it done and it looked sexy and I believed it would suit me. 😉

The studio i chose to go was just random. I remember my cousin Lydia went with me and we were BOTH supposed to get it done but she ended up not getting it.

I was asking my piercer  who turned out to be a lesbian and it made me feel better because it was a girl and not a guy. She was really nice and was talking to me like I was her friend. She made sure to tell me every detail on proper care of the piercing. I went ahead and chose the jewelry and asked her a few more questions unrelated to my piercing. I asked her about getting microdermals on the back of my neck. She said this wasn’t the best choice and they dont always heal properly because neck moves a lot. I felt like she was being honest with me.

She went ahead and gave me his special mouthwash so I can rinse my mouth out. After I gargled and spit it out, she asked me which spot of my tongue would I like it pierced at. I showed her, she grabbed a non washable blue marker and marked a little small dot as a pointer on where I was going to get pierced. She told me to go look in the mirror she had up on the wall, I did. The spot was perfect! 😀

I was excited so I told her to go for it. My cousin asked if she needed to hold my hand, I said no. I was a little nervous, but stoked. The piercer went ahead and put a clamp on my tongue and told me to breathe in. I was sitting on the table, as she grabbed a needle and shoved it through my tongue from the bottom pushing it up. As i was focusing on my breathing, she told me I was almost done. She put the barbell through the needle and lastly screwed on the top of the ball.

She gave me aftercare guidelines. I was just suppose to be rinsing my mouth every time I ate.
It took 4 weeks to heal. Never got infected! 🙂