Your Guide To Vertical Lip Piercing

Vertical Lip PiercingLip piercing is fun. But a vertical lip piercing can look really cool and attractive as it is more unusual than other types of lip piercing!

Basically, a vertical lip piercing goes through the lower lip vertically and runs parallel to the tissue inside the lip.

Vertical lip piercing is considered better than regular lip piercing because no part of the jewelry is inside the mouth, unlike in the case of other lip piercing. This means you don’t need to worry about your teeth or gums getting eroded. With vertical lip piercing, you can see both ends of the barbell.

Looking After Your Piercing

Some people feel it is a little hard to adjust to eating during the healing process. If you feel so, you can take care of this by not allowing any food to press over it or get stuck around it. As with any piercing, you must take care to ensure that an experienced hygienic professional does the piercing for you. It is not unbearably painful and the jewelry goes in immediately after the piercing and secured tightly.

A curved barbell can be better than a straight one until the piercing heals. You will probably experience some swelling. It is best not to touch the piercing with your hand or even tongue, for that matter. Just leave it alone and do not keep playing with the jewelry either.

Give it a couple of months to heal. Also, avoid oral sex during this time. If at all there is an infection, use sea salt soaks to get the pus out or talk to your piercer. Avoid trying to remove your vertical lip piercing jewelry on your own. Remember that your body can heal naturally as long as you stay healthy and clean!

Choosing Your Vertical Lip Piercing Jewelry

After the piercing heals, you can enjoy wearing different types of jewelry. The best choice is the same gauge you were pierced with. Get the right length of barbell depending on the size of your lip. Always go in for good quality vertical piercing lip jewelry, as you want to stay away from the risk of skin allergy. Titanium and surgical steel are good options. Avoid nickel as it is reputed to cause allergic reactions. Buy from a source that is reliable so that you can get all the details you want about the jewelry. Finally, after you receive your jewelry, sterilize it before you wear it!


  1. Hiya, was wondering what I can use on it apart from salt water to try and help the healing? I’ve had it done for a week and theres white under the skin on my lip below the top ball.. Help!
    Thanks x

  2. I just got mine done for my birthday
    Didnt hurt . It better then other lip piercing
    . I’m loving it . I always wanted one . In back of
    Mind . I was think shit this goin to hurt
    Like mother f . Nope I got mine for $45 .00

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