Turquoise Titanium Notched Pincher Horseshoe Ring

What I’ve got for you today is some luck – in the form of this 6 gauge ½” turquoise titanium notched pincher horseshoe ring. Look at it and admit that it is the perfect finishing touch whether you decide to wear it for your ear piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, septum piercing, nipple piercing or other body piercing you can come up with! The horseshoe shape brings you luck, and the high gloss plated titanium plated 316Lsurgical steel grade stainless steel means assured skin safety! 😉

This turquoise titanium notched pincher horseshoe ring looks quite striking. Titanium is considered the safest material for body piercing because it is compatible with any type of skin, so that the user does not develop a rash. Titanium is also incredibly light, which accounts for the fact that this material is used in constructing space craft. What is more, titanium is also stronger than steel. This notched pincher horseshoe ring comes with two rubber o-rings that sit in the notches as desired, to conveniently keep the body jewelry in place.

The turquoise hue of this titanium notched pincher horseshow ring looks groovy and perfect for your party look as it almost seems to come to life in artificial light. Get it today! 🙂

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