Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Body JewelryTitanium body jewelry is a majestic dark grey in color and light weight, making it very comfortable to wear. It is considered the best among all body jewelry materials because it looks new even after you use it for years!

Titanium is a strong material. If you happen to be allergic to silver or gold, then you should look at titanium body jewelry. Titanium is totally resistant to what they call body fluid attacks and there is no chance of skin irritations. If you are getting a body piercing for the first time, then titanium body jewelry is a great choice!

With the huge range of designs and shades available you are sure to find one that you like. There are labrets, tongue rings, barbells, ball captive rings and horseshoes. The pretty 16 gauge blue titanium plated ball monroe labret has a 316 L surgical steel internally threaded monroe with a titanium plated ball.

The beautiful titanium barbells come in a range of unique designs in black and brilliant blue featuring butterflies, flying bird, flower, frog, coiled snake etc. For the more conventional, there is the cross, the arrow, the anchor, cross bones crown, clover for luck, gun and much more.

If you have just had a tongue piercing, the best way to help it heal is with a titanium tongue ring. These come in Grade 23 titanium. The rainbow single gem tongue ring is a solid titanium body jewelry that you just cannot afford to miss. Made of grade 23 solid titanium with 5 mm balls these come in vivid hues. Grade 23 titanium is used in medical devices because it is body friendly. The tongue barbell is made of anodized titanium surgical steel. These solid titanium barbells are available in different colors.

You can also get pretty titanium belly rings for navel piercings in 14 gauge titanium barbell ring body jewelry. The spiral twister ball cone belly ring looks especially striking! Look at the variety of belly button navel rings, spiral belly button rings and titanium nose rings for choice.

Anodized titanium captive bead rings are also available in many attractive colors that you can wear to match your clothes. The black crystal Swarovski anodized ring looks fabulous, with the crystal grabbing the attention of others…

Go ahead and check out all the designs for yourself and order your favorite ones! 🙂

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