The Tongue Piercing Healing Process

Tongue Piercing HealingAsk anyone who has recently had a tongue piercing, and he will probably tell you how thrilled he is with it!

He will also tell you that tongue piercing healing did not take more than six weeks. This unique yet trendy piercing needs proper care to make sure that it is completely healed.

Why tongue piercing healing is quicker

The reason is that because the tongue is a muscle with a constant supply of blood. And so healing is easier than for most other types of piercings. Our saliva contains ptyalin, an enzyme which destroys bacteria along with antimicrobial peptide, thus reducing the chances of an infection.

Tongue piercing healing – Aftercare tips

During the tongue piercing healing period, you must take care not to overuse oral hygiene products as that can hinder the good bacteria that help us heal. Luckily, the actual piercing process is not all that painful as the piercer can easily pierce the tongue. But in spite of all this, the tongue will become somewhat swollen and feel quite tender. This goes away in a few days. During this time, you can eat soft food like mashed vegetables, fruits and cold products.

When the tongue piercing healing is in progress, don’t get worried if you seem to produce more saliva than usual. This will automatically stop when the swelling goes down. Your piercer will use a longer barbell so that you are not uncomfortable when the tongue would swell up. Expect your taste buds to feel a bit sore. You will also find the jewelry in your piercing to be a bit irritating. It is a good idea to avoid speaking too much for a few days until the piercing heals.

In case you see some fluid oozing out from the piercing, it is no cause for worry as that is the body’s way of healing the piercing by removing the dead cells. Do not touch the piercing. Who knows, you may be one of those lucky people whose tongue piercing healing takes just two weeks!

Tongue piercing healing also depends on how long your tongue is and where exactly you get the piercing done. Longer tongues and piercing farther away from the tip of the tongue mean slower healing. After the tongue’s swelling subsides, you can ask your piercer to help you fit in the right tongue ring.

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