The Long awaited One!

By Janice  from Texas.
 The holidays came around, and I wanted another piercing. I didn’t know which one I wanted until my friend Josh came up with the idea. I decided to get my tragus pierced. I had always like the way this piercing looked, and it was not another body piercing. Along with my friend Josh, we went to the piercer and I got my sparkly.
It was New Year’s Eve and I was excited. It was a long time since my last piercing so naturally I was anxious. Around 2:00 my friend Josh picked me up and we headed toward the piercers. I was even more nervous when I noticed there were few people there that day. We went up to the lady at the front of the store. She asked us what we wanted, and I told her that I wanted a standard tragus piercing. She asked for my ID, but as usually I didn’t have it. My friend Josh instantly pulled out his ID and showed it to her. He also decided to pay the $40 dollars since it was his idea anyway. After he paid her, she told use to sit down and wait. By this point I was more nervou than ever.
When she finally came out to get me, my heart was racing because I knew I was about to be pierced. She led me to a back room and told me to sit down in one of those familiar chairs. She was the one that would be piercing me. After I sat down, she started to set up the tray with the needle, clamp, gloves, jewelry, and marker. She told me to put up my hair and marked the spot on my tragus to be pierced. She put on her gloves, placed the clamp on my ear, and proceeded to put the needle through. Before I could breathe out, it was done. Ouch is the exact word I used. The worst part was when she tried to put the jewelry in. The needle came out but the jewelry was stuck halfway through my ear! I had two choices: wait for the hole to close up and try again or force the jewelry through. I chose to have it pushed through, and it hurt so bad. After the jewelry was successfully pushed through my ear, she gave me a card about the aftercare involved, and we left.

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