By Sara from Arlee, MT

I was 16 years old and have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for as long as I could remember. I was bothering my mom for years to let me get my tongue pierced and she always said no. This day was different, she said yes. I smiled and thought to myself that this is why it is good to be sixteen years old.

I have always loved body modification even as a young child so when I wallked into to the tattoo/piercing shop I got a burst of excitement. There was belly rings on the left of me, Nose rings to the right of me and books of tatoos.

My mom showed her and my ID and filled out some paper work. Right after being done with paper work I was sent to the back room were I would get my tongue pierced. “My mom was to freaked out to come in with me”.

The piercer was a guy who had a tatooed ring on his left finger. He gave me some mouth wash that came in a little cup and I swished my mouth for a few seconds. A special marker for peoples tongues was pulled out and the piercer let me mark were I wated it.

I was nervous but more excited when he pulled out a big clamp and a long needle. “I was a few seconds away from having a pierced tongue”.

I came home with a sore tongue but with no regrets. The piercing itself didn’t really hurt for me but the days afterwards were extemely painful but I lived through that :)!

~Overall I love my tongue piercing and it was quite an adventure getting it done~+

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