White Gold Body Jewelry

White Gold Body Jewelry If you like gold jewelry, you have a choice of yellow and white gold body jewelry for your body piercing. It is mainly a matter of your preference regarding which one you would rather wear!

You get different kinds of white gold body jewelry – for belly piercings, nose piercings, tongue piercings, and lots more.

The usual worry about white gold is that it could cause skin allergies since it is not made from pure gold. Often, other metals like nickel are added to make the jewelry item stronger. For many people, nickel can be a problem. Most cheap white gold body jewelry contains nickel, which is probably why the skin irritation happens. If you go in for high quality white gold body jewelry, then you will find that palladium is used instead of nickel and this is totally safe to wear. Thus, preferably go choose high quality white gold jewelry to stay safe from allergic reactions!

Your piercer will advise you to wear white gold only after the piercing has healed, just to be safe. It is a fact that white gold body jewelry looks great and elegant. You will find just about any design and style to suit your taste. There are belly ring dangles, labrets, nose studs and rings, drop dangles, chandelier dangles, horseshoe shape barbells, cascading drop belly rings – the entire range is breathtaking indeed.

The white gold labret body jewelry is especially popular. This special internally threaded jewelry is made of 14-gauge solid 14-karat white gold set with different 1.5 mm gemstones like diamonds, peridots and other precious stones.

More genuine diamond nose rings in the form of nostril screws are available in 18 gauge solid white gold. These artisan crafted hand polished prong set diamond nose screws look elegantly beautiful!

In belly rings, the solid 14-karat white gold ultraviolet backlight reflective CZ hollow heart and star belly rings look very attractive. If you enjoy charms, the Solid White gold X/O HEART Charm Dangle Belly Ring is for you!

The gold paragon cubic zirconia drop belly ring is a delicate looking piece of white gold body jewelry. There are belly rings in pearl and gem combinations, if you like those. There are hundreds of other designs – why don’t you just enjoy browsing around and put your own collection together?

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14k Gold Body Jewelry

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If you are looking for body jewelry that will really stand out then you need 14k gold body jewelry. The only thing that you need to remember about gold jewelry is that it is not always the best choice for first time piercings.

If you do have a first time piercing then it would be a better idea to start out with bioplast, titanium or surgical steel and then work your way up to 14k gold body jewelry once the piercing has healed.

Why 14k Gold Body Jewelry?

One of the main reasons why you should consider 14k gold body jewelry after your piercing has healed is because of its quality. You can purchase a wide variety of different 14k gold body jewelry, including ones with gems in or simpler designs that still look unique and beautiful.

One of the main reasons why you have body piercings is so that you can stand out from the crowd. You want attention drawn to you and for that you need to have a nice looking piercing. It is pointless having a piercing and then covering it with ugly body jewelry. 14k gold body jewelry can never be classed as ugly and it will ensure that you draw attention to yourself for all of the right reasons.

Perhaps you are looking for an elegant, colourful nose ring? If so then why not opt for a 14k gold nose ring with a small red gemstone implanted into it? Or if you would like your navel piercing to stand out, why not opt for a 14k gold belly button bar with a beautiful diamond butterfly imprinted onto it? You have so many choices available to you with 14k gold body jewelry so you should always find something to suit your tastes!

Overall 14k gold body jewelry is one of the best types of body jewelry you can opt for. All gold jewelry that is made from 14k will be high quality and they will last quite a long time. So you might initially be paying a slightly higher price for it, but in the long run the benefits far outweigh the initial cost!