Internally Threaded Tragus Rings

Internally Threaded Tragus Rings Have you always wanted to get a tragus piercing? If you said yes, then you should go in for internally threaded tragus rings.

Although not the most popular type of body piercing, tragus piercing is among the most preferred with both males and females.

Regardless of the kind of tragus body jewelry you decide to get, one thing is certain – you want it to heal as soon as possible.

Your piercer is likely to tell you that it is best to wear an internally threaded tragus ring.

Benefits Of Wearing Internally Threaded Tragus Rings

The short answer is:

• Less infection
• Less swelling
• Less friction
• More comfort
• Quicker healing

These are pretty good reasons for wearing internally threaded tragus rings. In addition to these, internally threaded jewelry is also stronger and safer to wear. There is a smooth shaft that goes through your tragus piercing. The bead that secures the tragus ring in place has the threaded bar. This bar fits inside the shaft, so your new tragus piercing will never touch the threads.

Compared to the more common externally threaded tragus rings, internally threaded tragus rings are far better as they promote healing. Internally threaded body jewelry is more difficult to make, so it is more expensive. However it is designed to ensure that your piercing heals with the minimum interference. These rings are further strengthened by the threaded bar not only glued to the ball, but also extended right inside it, so that when it is screwed into the shaft, it fits snugly and safely.

When healing is complete, you can start wearing a variety of internally threaded tragus rings available in plenty of attractive designs and colors!

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