The Long awaited One!

By Janice  from Texas.
 The holidays came around, and I wanted another piercing. I didn’t know which one I wanted until my friend Josh came up with the idea. I decided to get my tragus pierced. I had always like the way this piercing looked, and it was not another body piercing. Along with my friend Josh, we went to the piercer and I got my sparkly.
It was New Year’s Eve and I was excited. It was a long time since my last piercing so naturally I was anxious. Around 2:00 my friend Josh picked me up and we headed toward the piercers. I was even more nervous when I noticed there were few people there that day. We went up to the lady at the front of the store. She asked us what we wanted, and I told her that I wanted a standard tragus piercing. She asked for my ID, but as usually I didn’t have it. My friend Josh instantly pulled out his ID and showed it to her. He also decided to pay the $40 dollars since it was his idea anyway. After he paid her, she told use to sit down and wait. By this point I was more nervou than ever.
When she finally came out to get me, my heart was racing because I knew I was about to be pierced. She led me to a back room and told me to sit down in one of those familiar chairs. She was the one that would be piercing me. After I sat down, she started to set up the tray with the needle, clamp, gloves, jewelry, and marker. She told me to put up my hair and marked the spot on my tragus to be pierced. She put on her gloves, placed the clamp on my ear, and proceeded to put the needle through. Before I could breathe out, it was done. Ouch is the exact word I used. The worst part was when she tried to put the jewelry in. The needle came out but the jewelry was stuck halfway through my ear! I had two choices: wait for the hole to close up and try again or force the jewelry through. I chose to have it pushed through, and it hurt so bad. After the jewelry was successfully pushed through my ear, she gave me a card about the aftercare involved, and we left.

We all have to go through pain..

By Kathryn from Mansfield.

So I was the last one of my friends to turn 18, and I watched them all come out with amazing tattoos, but I wanted to do something different for my birthday.

I knew I wanted a piercing, but I didnt want to be sterotyped at my new school by a piercing that was really out there. I already had my lobes pierced twice, and my cartilage on my left ear (not shown) so I decided to get my tragus and rook done.

I did a lot of research on lots of different shops, and found one that had a great reputation for body piercings. The guy who did it was so friendly and calmed me right down.

He pierced my tragus first, and it didnt hurt that bad at all, but the rook did. He said this was because it was a awkward place to pierce, and I used up all my adreneline on the tragus.

After he explained to me how to clean my piercings and how long to leave them in blah blah blah i practically skipped out of there to show them off to my friend, who was waiting outside.

This was one of the best decisions ever. the piecer said it best when he said ‘we all have to go through pain to get the look we want’

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From pain to pretty :)

By Brittany from Latham.

I decided to get my first piercing other than my lobes when i was 15. I decided that I would get my tragus pierced.

I wasnt very sure what all was going to happen, because it was kinda a spurr of the moment thing. But the reason i thought of it, was because, my mom & sister got a tattoo & I wasnt old enough yet to get one, so i just decided to get a piercing.

My cousin had her tragus done & i thought it was really cute, so thats how i decided to do that specific one. I went to the place, my mom & sister went to, to get there tattoo, for my piercing. It was at “just a little prick” i deffinatly reccomend that place btw.

But anyways, once i got in there, we had to fill out some paper work & we payed, which it was 35$. She told be to sit down on the piercing bed, & she told me to lay my head to the side, & while i did that, she showed me the needle, & she cleaned everything. & then she marked my tragus, & told me to breathe in and out, while i breathed out, she stuck the needle thru, followed y the hoop. It wasnt a great pain, but it did sting. afterward. my ear was very hot, & it hurt to touch.

But i cleaned it with wound wash & after about, a month or so, it still wasnt healed, but it had developed, like a puss pouch & i popped it which was very painful. But she said it was “normal” & I just needed to clean it more. Its been about 8 months now, & it is completly healed & looks adorable, i deffinatly reccomend it, now i have 10 piercing & more to come 🙂

Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing Tragus piercings are quite common and they were first made popular by the piercer Luis Garcia. The piercing is done horizontally in the front of the ear canal. The jewellery that is worn with these piercings is quite small.

The piercer has to be careful when they are performing a tragus piercing as they need to avoid entering the aural canal. In order to avoid this they use a small needle and it is sent straight into a cork that is put behind the tragus as the ear is being pierced.

What Does a Tragus Piercing Involve?

Most people do not experience pain during a tragus piercing. This is because there are no nerve endings in the tragus. However, some people do report feeling a little pain so it will differ from person to person. You may also find that once the piercing has been done, bleeding can occur for up to an hour afterwards. When it comes to wiping away the blood, always ensure that you do not use a fabric cloth. This is because fabric cloths tend to have quite a lot of bacteria collected on them.

Just like with any other piercing, it is always a good idea to provide some aftercare to help the piercing to heal. Using a little antibacterial soap on the piercing every time that you shower will really help to keep the area clean. Also drying the piercing with a disposable tissue will also help to protect it.

The tragus piercing should not interfere with your hearing and it is not known to cause any problems for the face either. Many people love the way that the piercing looks and it will certainly get you noticed. Whilst you are having the piercing done you will experience a popping sound which many people have reported to be quite strange. However in some ways the sound takes your attention away from the discomfort caused by the piercing.

Overall the tragus piercing is easy to look after, it looks good and there is very little pain involved. Most people can have this type of piercing and as long as you follow simple aftercare instructions you should experience now problems at all with this type of ear piercing!

Ear Piercing – The Most Common Piercing Around!

Ear PiercingWell, I guess there’s no doubt that the ear piercing is the most common form of body piercing these days. And of course, since the ancient times our ancestors have pierced their earlobes and worn adornments in them!

It can be actually argued whether the earlobe piercing falls under the body piercing category because it’s so common and widespread that many would think of it something unrelated to other body piercing types like nose piercing, tongue piercing and genital piercing.

However, don’t underestimate what the ear piercing can actually look like! Don’t forget that a human’s ear doesn’t end with an earlobe. There are so many places in the ears which can be pierced that you’ll be surprised.

Oh yes, even the simple earlobe piercing can be brought one step further and the lobe can be pierced from different angles.

So here you go – transverse lobe piercing. Still the very earlobe is being pierced, but not as usually. The piercing goes inside through the lobe parallely the ear instead of running through it from behind the lobe and emerging in the front. This is a modern kind of ear piercing as well as another variation of the lobe piercing –

Vertical lobe piercing pierces the earlobe vertically using a straight barbell. It goes in where an anti-tragus piercing would begin, but instead of coming out right above the earlobe goes all the way down. This one involves piercing the cartilage and therefore takes much longer to heal. Whereas a simple ear piercing would take a few weeks to heal, the vertical one may take up to a half-year to heal properly!

Do you know what’s the most painful of all the piercings? Genital piercing? Nope! It’s one of the ear piercing types – anti-tragus piercing. It is similar to the vertical lobe piercing with the upper part of the barbell entering through the cartilage above the earlobe. However, it doesn’t go through the lobe, it merely pierces the cartilage. Actually this ear piercing type is a very nice looking one, isn’t it? It might be worth the pain… 🙂

And here in the picture below you can see the most popular places for ear piercing.

Ear Piercing Variations

Ear industrial piercing is also very popular. The most common version of it involves piercing the outer rim of the ear in two places and then connecting it using a straight barbell. The industrial piercings can go just about anywhere throughout the ear connecting two or more piercings. However, the standard ear industrial piercing is placed like where it says in the picture above and specific ear piercings – industrial barbells are being manufactured to adorn them.

Tragus piercing – has become quite a common type of ear piercing recently and there’s loads of nice tragus earrings available.

Body Piercing Types

No doubt – body piercing is rather part of fashion than some under-ground trend. Since 60ies and 70ies, when body piercing was gay communities’ identity, so much has changed!

These days no-one will even look back at someone who has eyebrow piercing or a nose ring, not to mention different ear piercings.

But anyway, even now we can kind of separate ‘normal’ body piercing types from ‘extreme’ body piercing practiced only by those who are involved in body modification. I guess many folks would look back at someone carrying a huge plate in a stretched lip piercing, for instance!

So here I’ve sorted the most popular body piercing types and sub-types, and you can read more about them!

Facial & Ear Piercing

Ear Body Piercing

Cartilage Piercing, Tragus Piercing, Industrial Piercing

Eyebrow Body Piercing

Lip Body Piercing

Labret Piercing, Vertical Lip Piercing, Monroe Piercing, Double Lip Piercing

Nose Body Piercing

Tongue Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Microdermal Piercing

Nipple Body Piercing

Inverted Nipple Piercing

Navel Body Piercing

Navel Industrial Piercing

Surface Body Piercing

Extreme Body Piercing

Genital Piercing

Female Body Piercing

Male Body Piercing