By Kayla, from Traverse City.

I have a left cheek bone surface ring. I first decided to get the piercing when I was watching cops one night when I was nine and saw a girl on the show who had it and I wanted it ever since.

I choose my peircing studio by doing my research about the place. The peircer was very nice and very informative probably about a 20 minute speach before I got it doneabout how to take care of it and other things I may need to know.

The process went something like this. She mad marked a spot on my face and I told her where i wanted it in what placement that was good for me and then she had pinched my skin and put a clamp on my face and told me to take a deep breath in and then put the needle through then told me to breath out.

And it was done well that part then she took the clampoff and put the jewelry through my skin and screwed the other ball on then i was done.some bruising accured but that is normal. The piercer told me how to take care of it and gave me sea salt and gave me a pamphlet on how ot take proper care of it she was very informative like I had said erlier.

She told me how long it would take she told me that the bruising would take at least 2 or 3 weeks to officially go away.I dont have a belly ring I do have a tongue ring its gauged and i do have 3 nose rings and i dont have nipple rings i am writing about my surface peircing so there is it

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Surface Piercing

Surface Piercingh

Surface piercings are placed within the same fold of skin. They do not pass through body tissue and they can often be difficult to heal.

There are a number of different types of surface piercings that you can choose from but before you rush out and get one, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

Things to Consider

When done correctly a surface piercing can look unique. However, unfortunately many piercers out there do not seem to be able to perform a surface piercing properly.

If you do not go to an experienced piercer then you could end up experiencing a lot of pain as well as many complications after the piercing has been done.

Your body sees everything that is placed into the skin as a foreign object. Therefore a surface piercing can often be rejected by the body and it could try to push it out as it would with a splinter. An experienced piercer will know exactly where to place the piercing to avoid this from occurring.

If your piercer uses the same technique to pierce the skin as they would with a regular piercing, your surface piercing will not last very long. The jewellery that is placed into the piercing places a lot of pressure onto the skin and that prevents it from healing. The choice of jewellery that you have is limited and generally the best type of jewellery you can choose is the surface bar.

The aftercare that you need to give the surface piercing is quite hard work. For this reason many piercers do not like to perform a surface piercing. Most of the time the body will reject it and they are quite difficult to heal.

Well… Surface piercings are difficult to maintain but if done properly it is possible for them to last a few years. They do look good and they can be placed practically anywhere on the body. So if you would like to have a surface piercing and you do not mind it only lasting for a few months, it would be a good idea to search around for a good piercer.

Never go with the first piercer that you find as if you choose an inexperienced piercer, you could experience a lot of pain!

Body Piercing Types

No doubt – body piercing is rather part of fashion than some under-ground trend. Since 60ies and 70ies, when body piercing was gay communities’ identity, so much has changed!

These days no-one will even look back at someone who has eyebrow piercing or a nose ring, not to mention different ear piercings.

But anyway, even now we can kind of separate ‘normal’ body piercing types from ‘extreme’ body piercing practiced only by those who are involved in body modification. I guess many folks would look back at someone carrying a huge plate in a stretched lip piercing, for instance!

So here I’ve sorted the most popular body piercing types and sub-types, and you can read more about them!

Facial & Ear Piercing

Ear Body Piercing

Cartilage Piercing, Tragus Piercing, Industrial Piercing

Eyebrow Body Piercing

Lip Body Piercing

Labret Piercing, Vertical Lip Piercing, Monroe Piercing, Double Lip Piercing

Nose Body Piercing

Tongue Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Microdermal Piercing

Nipple Body Piercing

Inverted Nipple Piercing

Navel Body Piercing

Navel Industrial Piercing

Surface Body Piercing

Extreme Body Piercing

Genital Piercing

Female Body Piercing

Male Body Piercing