“As My Body Piercing Heals, Should I Keep Turning The Body Jewelry During The Day?”

Turning Body Jewelry After Piercing Just think about it. You’ve got a brand new body piercing and everything looks good – and it starts to heal. Then you go and rotate the jewelry. What could happen?

You will just interfere with the healing process, breaking the tissue. This forces the healing to begin all over again!

Don’t get it? What I’m saying is – DO NOT, repeat – DO NOT listen to someone who tells you that you should rotate the jewelry in a new piercing to speed up the healing process. If you do this, you will only be inviting skin allergies and irritations, infection and a much longer healing time than you bargained for!

Once you get the piercing, chances are excellent that the healing will start and finish just as you expect it to, so long as you follow all the aftercare instructions given by your piercer.

Keep the piercing clean as recommended and never ever touch it with unwashed hands. So this holds good for touching the jewelry as well. Our body has a natural mechanism for healing and your piercer would tell you what to expect and what to be cautious about. So when you turn the body jewelry, you will be opening up the piercing wound by disturbing the tissue around it. By doing this, the piercing will behave like a fresh piercing each time, increasing your risk of infection.

So remember, do not necessarily touch the body jewelry during the healing process!