Nipple Body Jewelry

Nipple Body Jewelry There is a vast selection of nipple body jewelry for both men and women made in a range of materials, styles and designs. You will find them mostly in surgical grade stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, Bioplast, PTFE and gold. Of these, titanium and Bioplast are considered the safest for initial piercings because they are body friendly and help to speed up the healing.

The common types you will come across are ball closure rings, circular barbells, nipple studs, nipple bars, chains, nipple shields, nipple rings, and so on. The color choice is amazing, as is the design. You can add a variety of clip on accessories to the barbell type jewelry to make your nipple piercing look fabulous. Some of the designs look so sleek and stylish that you will be the envy of all your friends! 😉

Take your pick of anodized gold plated shields, stark black shields and the sheen of plain steel. These are available as both small and large patterns. The antiqued ‘flames of fire’ nipple shield looks equally attention grabbing in its simplicity.

There are chain dangles, chain drops and invisible nipple shields as well. The chain dangles and drops are worn on the straight barbells as accessories and you can interchange these for variety. Elaborately worked in different designs and gemstones, they look very dressy. The sterling silver light blue cubic zirconia butterfly nipple shield is a work of art and dazzles you with its beauty. It will definitely turn heads with the crystalline butterfly, the hollow stars dangling from the surgical steel barbell nipple ring.

Other choices in dangling nipple body jewelry include the sun and stars animals, hearts, geometric danglers, etc. There are also invisible nipple shield that come with pretty accessories. The invisible Bioplast Aqua Round Solitaire Sterling Nipple Shield is a classic cubic zirconia solitaire nipple ring with sterling silver and biocompatible Bioplast. When you wear this, it looks as if you are not wearing a barbell at all, yet the zirconium sparkles stylishly.

There is even more choice with Celtic cross, flower and gem nipple shields.

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Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is a very popular choice for both men and women. And it doesn’t really matter which nipple you have pierced, there is no hidden meaning behind a nipple piercing!

You could even choose to have both nipples pierced if you want to. Before you rush out and get a nipple piercing however, you first need to understand exactly what is involved.

What Does Nipple Piercing Involve?

Nipple piercings are done straight through the base of the erect part of the nipple. It is important to note that a nipple ring or bar should never be placed through the areola as that could cause problems such as mastitis.

Mastitis mainly occurs in women and it is basically a breast tissue infection. It is extremely nasty and you could end up with infected milk ducts.

So it is always worth noting that the areola should never be pierced!

When it comes to the actual piercing, it doesn’t matter which way the piercer decides to pierce the nipple. They can be done horizontally, vertically or basically any way that you or the piercer chooses.

The only real trouble the piercer could have is the placement of the piercing when you have completely flat nipples. If your nipples are flat when they are flaccid then that could be uncomfortable and it is vital that you make the piercer aware of this before you get the piercing done.

The piercing is done either just with a needle or it can be clamped first if the piercer chooses. It doesn’t really make much difference which way it is done. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to wear a nipple ring (which tends to be the most popular choice), then it should be quite big. A smaller ring can cause an infection when the piercing has just been done. So check with your piercer that you are choosing a good sized ring before having it pierced.

Overall nipple piercings can look really good and they are a popular choice. However you need to be aware of the things that can go wrong and you also need to give the piercing plenty of time to heal after it has been done. It would be a good idea to talk to a piercer before making a decision as they will be able to give you an expert opinion on whether a nipple piercing would be suitable for you!