a corset piercing is pain

By Angela, from Savanna.

well as u know im into piercings and i currently have 5 piercings alltogether and the one i got most recently was my corset piercing i usually think of body piercings as an artform and thats why i wanted to get a corset piercing done i knew it would be a painful piercing so i got it on my back instead of on my side bec then id have to get both sides done and deal with more pain!

so my back was the best choice first i saved up some money to get them done all at once as to not prolong the pain the piercing did cost a fortune adding up to $160.00 it almost broke me as i had 8 piercings on each side totaling to 16 ouch! when i got there the piercer was nice and frendly and said he had done corset piercings before and to not worry he first ckeaned off my back with sterilizer making shure my back was clean and germ free then he numed my back and made it so it wouldnt hurt as much

then he marked where the holes could go and he showed me the placement and asked if i liked it when i agreed then he stated piercing my back one by one it didnt hurt as much since he nummed my entire back once he was done with my whole back it took 3 hrs to do it completely then he put tape over each one so i didnt rip or tear one off accidently then when i got home i didnt take off the tape till 2 weeks after the piercing to makeshure it healed right this piercing is a fun but painful piercing and if ur that type of person that cant handle pain then i dont recomend this type of piercing