New Shiny Nipples!!

By Liz from Coopersburg, U.S.A.

I was hanging out with my friend the one day and she mentioned she wanted to go around and look for a place where she could get a tattoo, that same day. I knew it was going to be difficult because she didn’t have an appointment. of course no luck that day, the  next day we went out searching again. while we were searching , I always wanted my nipples pierced so I figured I was going to go for it. I was 20 so no permission needed, just me and my id. we called around many places and no one took walk- ins.

We finally came to one shop called Wizards World II. my friend told me whether she got her tattoo or not she was going to force me to get the piercing that day. we walked in and was greeted by a very nice guy, thankfully he had an opening to do her tattoo that day. I also told him about my piercing and he said it could be done when we come back for the appointment.

Later that day me and my friend went back to the tattoo shop, filled out the normal papers and then waited patiently. I was really nervous, I don’t know why because I have more intense piercings than this. I slowly followed the guy back into the room and sat up on the table. he got the clamps, disposable one use needles, cotton balls and such and placed them all on his little tray.

He then had me stand up and take off my shirt so he could mark where he was going to pierce. I wasn’t too nervous about standing there topless in front of a completely stranger, more nervous about the pain factor. so after he marked me I looked in the mirror to make sure I liked the placement, I told him that it looked good. he then had me lay down on the table again. at this point I was thinking ‘ what the hell am I doing?’  he told me the famous words of every piercer which is ‘ just relax its not that bad’. he put the clamps on and made sure they were in the right spot. then he picked up the needle and put a little vaseline on the end and asked if I was ready. I said no and he laughed a little bit. he told me to take a deep breath in and out, and!

On thesecond exhale he pushed the needle through. now im not going to lie its painful but not excruciating. after the needle was through he took the clamps off and slid the hoop in. now its time for number 2. same thing for my right side, but of course using a new needle. the second one hurt a little bit more than the first one due to less adrenaline. after both were done I sat up and put my bikini top back on. there was a couple of drops of blood but not much. I wore a bikini top instead of a bra because I thought it would be more comfortable for me.

After I got dressed he told me to clean my nipples with antibacterial soap and water twice a day and then through out the day spray H2Ocean on them, which he gave me for free. he then said this piercing will take anywhere between 2-4 months to completely heal. I then left the room and showed my friend and she loved them. we went out for a cigarette waiting for her to get her tattoo. after hers was done I convinced her to also get her nipples pierced. we both love them till this day.

Its now been 2 months since I had them and their probably my favorite piercing. their healing very nicely. anyone thinking about getting their nipples pierced should go for it, easy to hide and also easy to show off if desired. don’t be worried about the pain, it doesn’t last long. after they heal I don’t think im going to change the jewelry, im pretty satisfied with the hoops I have in. I have tons of different body jewelry considering I have my eyebrow, medusa, labret, belly button, hood, and my tongue pierced, plus gauged ears.

Happy Piercing Everyone!

Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is a very popular choice for both men and women. And it doesn’t really matter which nipple you have pierced, there is no hidden meaning behind a nipple piercing!

You could even choose to have both nipples pierced if you want to. Before you rush out and get a nipple piercing however, you first need to understand exactly what is involved.

What Does Nipple Piercing Involve?

Nipple piercings are done straight through the base of the erect part of the nipple. It is important to note that a nipple ring or bar should never be placed through the areola as that could cause problems such as mastitis.

Mastitis mainly occurs in women and it is basically a breast tissue infection. It is extremely nasty and you could end up with infected milk ducts.

So it is always worth noting that the areola should never be pierced!

When it comes to the actual piercing, it doesn’t matter which way the piercer decides to pierce the nipple. They can be done horizontally, vertically or basically any way that you or the piercer chooses.

The only real trouble the piercer could have is the placement of the piercing when you have completely flat nipples. If your nipples are flat when they are flaccid then that could be uncomfortable and it is vital that you make the piercer aware of this before you get the piercing done.

The piercing is done either just with a needle or it can be clamped first if the piercer chooses. It doesn’t really make much difference which way it is done. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to wear a nipple ring (which tends to be the most popular choice), then it should be quite big. A smaller ring can cause an infection when the piercing has just been done. So check with your piercer that you are choosing a good sized ring before having it pierced.

Overall nipple piercings can look really good and they are a popular choice. However you need to be aware of the things that can go wrong and you also need to give the piercing plenty of time to heal after it has been done. It would be a good idea to talk to a piercer before making a decision as they will be able to give you an expert opinion on whether a nipple piercing would be suitable for you!

Body Piercing Types

No doubt – body piercing is rather part of fashion than some under-ground trend. Since 60ies and 70ies, when body piercing was gay communities’ identity, so much has changed!

These days no-one will even look back at someone who has eyebrow piercing or a nose ring, not to mention different ear piercings.

But anyway, even now we can kind of separate ‘normal’ body piercing types from ‘extreme’ body piercing practiced only by those who are involved in body modification. I guess many folks would look back at someone carrying a huge plate in a stretched lip piercing, for instance!

So here I’ve sorted the most popular body piercing types and sub-types, and you can read more about them!

Facial & Ear Piercing

Ear Body Piercing

Cartilage Piercing, Tragus Piercing, Industrial Piercing

Eyebrow Body Piercing

Lip Body Piercing

Labret Piercing, Vertical Lip Piercing, Monroe Piercing, Double Lip Piercing

Nose Body Piercing

Tongue Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Microdermal Piercing

Nipple Body Piercing

Inverted Nipple Piercing

Navel Body Piercing

Navel Industrial Piercing

Surface Body Piercing

Extreme Body Piercing

Genital Piercing

Female Body Piercing

Male Body Piercing