First Piercing Lower Lip Done by Myself!

This lower lip piercing story was submitted by Tia from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lower lip self piercing

Ever since middle school I had wanted to get my lip pierced and I begged my parents and they just wouldn’t let me. So, I did it by myself with a tack and of course it got infected when I was 13. Then, my dad finally gave in but said I had to pay for it so I saved my money and he brought me.

He didn’t know I needed a birth certificate… I had to wait 🙁 Apparently they lost my birth certificate and so he got a new one and I kept begging for him to bring me back but he refused because I’m old enough to get a job now and “I can’t get a job with piercings.”

At this point I took matters into my own hands. All I asked for was Amazon gift card for Christmas of 2013 and that’s exactly what I got so I bought a piercing kit and a ton of labrets and the kit came with either labrets , barbells, or rings. I chose rings which I personally believe are best for healing.

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Lips, rings and pointy things.. how NOT to peirce your lip!

By Halo from Illinois.

A while back me and my boyfriend went on a little unauthorized week-long vacation. During which i decided i needed to get my snake bites back (for no other reason then i missed them).

I had no money and prefer piercing myself so i had to find someone with a lip ring or two i could use) After finally finding a friend that had a lip ring i decided with only one ring, things needed to be even, it had to go in the middle. My friend, boyfriend and i went to a local cafe and took a thumbtack off their bulliten board then my friend and i headed to the bathroom.

I washed the tack and the ring with soap and water (gotta keep things clean right? :p ) and then tried to push the tack through… lets just say dull tacks and water (which is not a lubricant by the way) make it really hard to get through those little balls in your lips… About half way through i had to stop and breath.

After finally getting the tack through i had to pull it out (which kinda closes the hole btw) and try to put the ring throug…. Just a reminder if your ring is bigger than the thing you made the hole with, your in a WORLD of hurt!!! after getting the ring half way through i had to have my friend help. she sat me on the toilet and tried her best to get it through. it wasnt gunna happen.

after about 20 mins of this i went out to my boyfriend who told me to hold onto the fence behind me. i grabbed the fence and bent my knees… lets just say some people thought my boyfriend and i were fighting with the scream and tears that followed 10 mins of pushing.. my friend said it sounded like i was giving birth… in a way i was kinda…. only it was mettle and on my lip.

After that my lip swelled alot and i had problems eating and drinking and kissing… the easiest way to care for a peircing like this is to NOT do it or take it out and get it done professionally… this piercing stayed in for a week before it got infected (even with the use of cleaners and proper care technique). I had to take it out.

A note from the editor:

This website does not condone or encourage self-piercing. Piercing should be carried out by a fully qualified, trained professional in a suitable studio with the appropriate equipment. Piercing is dangerous and, if done incorrectly can cause infections and serious injury. Halo, in her story, is wise to encourage others to get their piercings done professionally. Thanks for the story Halo.

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I did my lips myself?!?!?

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Piercings are a great artform in todays society and most people leave it to the professonals but theres a few set of people that do it themselves!

And i am one of them i wanted to get my snakebites done so i first got a set of 14g horseshoe lip piercings and sterilized them then i got out my curved sowing needle and sterilized that and a 16g horsehoe to stretch the holes to make the 14g go in easier then i marked the holes with a permanent marker and used a ruler to makeshure they were exact length apart and madeshure it was an half of an inch away from my lip.

Then i pushed the sowing needle in going fast as to not prolonging the pain if u cant deal with pain al too much use ice or a toothache pain reliever to num your lip then after i got the sowing needle all the way in i pushed the 16g horseshoe in to stretch the hole and left it in for abt an hr then i pushed the 14g in and i did all this to the 2nd hole and once they were in i sterilized the holes and kept doing tht for abt 3 weeks makng shure i didnt get them infected this is not an impulse thing if you do it yourself u have to plan these things out or it will get infected if things are not planed out its a great piercing and i feel accomplished knowing i did it myself.

LiP FiAsCo

By Jesus Canela, San Bernardino, CA

Lip piercing story

Well first my name is jesus and im 15, and i live in san bernardino!!!

i first started noticing piercings when i was 14 and ever since i loved how they looked. Right now i Have exactly 8 piercingz!!! WooW right!! 😎 My FiRsT Piercing was snake bitez!! i got them don at a shop called Lucky Seven. i really was excited not like all the other people who are all like omg the needle and the pain and etc..

at the shop the piercer was a man with alot of tatooz!! He first incerted a needle through my lip and then the piercingz i chose, that were silver hoops. after he was done my lip was all fat and red!!! 😆 it felt wierd!!

my second piercing was my tongue, unlike all the other people out there that say that it hurts, trust me it does not hurt at ALL!!! Wen i got it done i couldn’t talk or eat anything hard for a while. It’s kinda funny when u try to talk cuz u don’t prunounce the wordz right!!! 😆

and third piercing was my ear. i got an industrial ear piercing that goes through both sidez of your ear. i just have to say one thing about that… OWCH!! that hurt so badly! but it was wurth it.

my fourth ,and final piercing, was my bottom lip. u know like right under your bottom lip from the mouth, in the middle . well after that that piercing evry body just started looking at me like im sorta different and start judging me becuz .. well i have piercingz.

But i dont let that stuff get too me becuz i know wat i like and who i am sooo whatever people!!! 😆 well thatz my story!!!

Gone Wrong To Right

By Kelsie Bordeleau, Echo-Bay, ON , Canada

Lip Piercing Story

I was sitting in class one day and I’ve had my lip done before but it was done wrong because I did it myself so I took it out. Anyways and I thought to myself going to pierce my lip again but this time actually right.

So I went home and stuck a 14g sewing needle not to mention dull as hell into my lip. It was all fine until I couldn’t get the stud through – I got it mostly through but it wouldn’t go through the last couple layers of skin on the outside.

So I started picking at it with a sharper needle to pick it through so I basically dug a whole in my face so the labret stub would go through. I have my navel and nose pierced too but I got my navel professionally and my nose myself again….

It’s been about a week and my lip stop swelling and it’s just scabbing around the ring…but during school at lunch I was eating a wrap – this was the day after I pierced it – and my lip puffed up so much that it was hurting because my stud wasn’t long enough for it to heal in.

So me and my friend went to the bathroom and she also had her lip done but it’s healed and she took out my stud and harshly shoved the hoop she had in through my lip.

It swelling even more for like three days and now it’s fine and look awesome and I plan to pierce the other side for snake bites! 😉

Skateboarding, Wet Pavment and a Clumzy Girl

By Kate-Lynn, Kent, Washington

Body Piercing Story - Lip Piercing

Riding down the road minding my own business and this guy in a grey truck is like right behind me.

Mind you I am a beginner skater so, I tried to jump off to get out the road, so I wouldn’t die.

So I get unsquared and I jump off on the fastest part of the hillish type thing.

I fall directly on my face, I remember the sound of my head bouncing off the pavement. I don’t think I will ever forget that sound. I get up and my friend is laughing a lot, he say the whole thing..

His laughter stopped once he say my face. The left side of my face was covered in blood, I mean covered. I busted open my eyebrow, made my nose bleed, mess up my shoulder and have a hole in my lip.

I’ve wanted my lip pierced for as long as I could remember, so my brother convinced my mom to let me have it done if I did all by myself. Well, I did. It hurt really bad, but I wanted it done so I did. And yeahhh… That’s my story.

My Crazy Snakebites Piercing!

By Julie aged 19, London

Body Piercing Stories

Hello everyone I’m Julie and I had my bottom lip pierced a few weeks ago! It looks amazing and it didn’t hurt half as much as I thought it would. This type of lip piercing is called ‘snakebites’ – so I was told, and not many girls have it. So I can kind of boast about this among my friends! 🙂

I used a piercer that was recommended to me by my brother. He was great and he explained everything that would happen and I asked about aftercare (something my brother had warned me about). Everything seemed fine so I went ahead and booked an appointment for the next day. I was nervous and the thought of having my lips clamped and pierced made me cringe! The next day I went to the piercer, he greeted me and put my mind at ease.

A clamp was placed on my lip which did feel a little uncomfortable. Then he pierced the lip and I have to admit that it did hurt a bit. But you know – it only lasted for a few seconds and when the lip ring was in – it was OK.

My piercing experience was just a little bit painful but I was made to feel as comfortable as possible and now three weeks on I love my new piercing and it is healing up nicely! Just remember to take proper care of your piercing to avoid an infection!