First Piercing Lower Lip Done by Myself!

This lower lip piercing story was submitted by Tia from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lower lip self piercing

Ever since middle school I had wanted to get my lip pierced and I begged my parents and they just wouldn’t let me. So, I did it by myself with a tack and of course it got infected when I was 13. Then, my dad finally gave in but said I had to pay for it so I saved my money and he brought me.

He didn’t know I needed a birth certificate… I had to wait 🙁 Apparently they lost my birth certificate and so he got a new one and I kept begging for him to bring me back but he refused because I’m old enough to get a job now and “I can’t get a job with piercings.”

At this point I took matters into my own hands. All I asked for was Amazon gift card for Christmas of 2013 and that’s exactly what I got so I bought a piercing kit and a ton of labrets and the kit came with either labrets , barbells, or rings. I chose rings which I personally believe are best for healing.

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First and Second

By Kisha Jodoin, Cornwall, Ontario.


For quit sometime I always wanted to get a piercing done,other then my ears.I have always wanted my belly button done,but of course I was too young at the time. Instead for my fourteenth birthday I had gotten a Monroe piercing. It was my moms idea.I asked all of my friends if it was a good idea to get it done and if it would look alright on me.They all agreed.

I was nervous but excited all at once.I really didn’t know and piercing studios,so my mom called around and found a great studio “TerryLynns”,she was well known.The day was finally here,as i walked into TerryLynns I was getting nervous.Terry (the piercer) explained everything that she was going to do.The piercing process was done before I even knew it.It didn’t hurt at all,but people kept asking me if it did.Which got really annoying.The great news was in healed perfectly fine.

About nine months go by…

I was still thinking about getting another piercing.They are really neat.It was around Christmas and of course I didn’t know what I wanted.I’ve thought about something I always wanted and it was to get my belly button pierced.I asked for that and the week before Christmas I went to “TerryLynns”,
it was a different girl this time that pierced my belly button.

She had a hard time getting the ring it.But it wasn’t painful.
Couple weeks went by and my belly button was healing just fine.As I thought.I was following the directions and everything for the healing process.But my belly button got infected,really bad.Everyone told me to take it out,but knowing me,I would never do that.Its something i’ve always wanted.I was determined to keep it in.To get it checked out I went back to “TerryLynns” and she cleaned it all out,gave me a new ring and explained how to clean it with the stuff she gave me.Now my belly button is all healed and fine.Thank God

Both my piercings are perfectly fine now and I couldn’t be happier with the results 😀

Monroe Isnt So Different


By Roxanne Perez, San Antonio, Texas.

Last year about in October me and my recent boyfriend had just broken up. So out of anger i wanted to hurt myself but then i decided maybe i should get a piercing since i only had my earlobes pierced i wanted something special.

 Around that same week me and my ex-boyfriend got back together. It wasn’t normal though we ended up going to a tattoo shop where they also did piercings. To bond our relationship he told me that he would get what ever piercing I wanted for him. And in vice versa i  would do the same i ended up getting my Monroe pierced which is what i really wanted.  I had second thoughts about it when it came down. But i didn’t wanna be the same person from before i wanted to transform a part of my body which my family would’nt approve of.

 I really was glad that we went to one of my friends tatto parlor which i didnt know that she worked at. And my boyfriend had just like the neighborhood around it. We really didn’t know where else to go we just needed one that was really close.

There were two piercers there. One was a woman and the other a man. We both got pierced by the same woman. She was really good and educated about what she was doing. She took me to a seperate room I felt really comfortable with her. She got prepared turned around. She told me to breathe in and count to three. By the time i got too two the clamps where on my lips and the needle was in and so was my piercing all i felt was a pinch. She told me it would take about two to three weeks to heal. She taught me how to clean it right in front of a mirror.  And by the time you know it i was out of the tattoo shop.

 I felt really good and like a different  person it was so liberating.

My chosen passion

By Haylee, Pakenham, Australia

Ear Piercing

The first time I decided to get a piercing, it was because the cute guy from my maths class said I’d look cute with a bellybutton piercing. After doing some research online I waitied duly until I turned 16, earned some money and headed off.

I rocked up to Purple Haze – which I chose because that was where my sister had her tragus pierced – asked if they had a free slot to get my naval pierced, and waited. I was nervous as all hell 😕 – the only piercings I’d experienced before this were my 6 lobe piercings done with a gun at the chemists.

Furthermore my parents had no idea I was getting it done and I didn’t know how they’d react – they were firmly against the idea of body modification.

Then my appointment came around – the time of reckoning! The piercer girl was cute as hell (Zoe, her name is) so I was too busy to really be nervous!! Then the clamp came, and the pinch, and a bit of pain but strangely not as much as I’d anticipated – and I had a brand new belly piercing!!

She sat me down afterwards, explained all the aftercare, that I’d have to avoid lying on my stomach for a while and all that. It got infected after two weeks and it took a year and a couple of courses of antibiotics to really settle, but it was worth it.

It was after that I realised that I really love piercings. I then went back to Purple Haze (and Zoe) twice more to get an anti-helix, a daith and a rook, before decided purple haze was a liiiiitle too expensive, and changed to Chadstone to get my lip and 2 helixes done. I left, of course, considerable healing time between all of them.
I still have a tragus, another rook and 3 more helixes on the agenda! 😉

That first belly piercing was what made me discover my (so far) only passion – tattoos and piercings!! So if it wasn’t for Logan from my maths class, I wouldn’t have this awesome excuse to post my little story online.

THANKS LOGAN FOR THE INSPIRATION and thankyou the internet and piercers for giving me something to turn to and better how I percieve myself with!!

I’ve posted a picture of my right ear – the daith and my two helixes as I don’t actually have a picture of my bellybutton due to lighting issues with cameras and shadows!! 🙂

Lip Piercing – So Sensual…

Lip Piercing Lip piercing is very popular these days – if we don’t look at some extreme lip piercing types involving lip stretching, other lip piercing types like labret piercing or Monroe (Madonna) piercing can be considered similar to a mainstream body piercing like ears, navel or nose.

Special type of lip body jewelry has also been created to support the ever-growing demand after this sort of piercings and they’re called labret rings.

Of course, they don’t look like rings at all because they’re actually straight barbells with a special flattened ending. But as we all know, it’s common for everyone to refer to a all types of body jewelry as ‘rings’ – belly button rings, tongue rings, nose rings

You can wear these labret rings in both labret piercings and Monroe piercings simply because the Monroe piercing is just a version of labret piercing. You see, technically you could call just about any lip piercing right above and under the lip a labret piercing because the very word ‘labret’ comes from ‘labrum’ which means ‘a lip’.

However, various names have been given to different lip piercings depending on where exactly they are inserted.

Medusa piercing is a variation of labret and is positioned right above the curved part of the upper lip – under the nose.

Bites – a type of lip piercing when two symmetrically positioned labret rings or real rings are inserted into the lip bearing some resemblance to positioning of snake’s or vampire’s fangs. There are different bites lip piercings – snakebites, spiderbites, viperbites and others.

Talking of these, there is another oral piercing where a similarity to animal’s fangs is achieved – venom piercing in the tongue.

When you go for lip piercing you can pierce area just above or under the lip. However, some boys and girls pierce their very red parts of lips! So there is a type of lip piercing called horizontal lip piercing when a barbell goes through the lower lip horizontally and emerges on the either side. In this case some type of flexible body jewelry is needed – Bioplast, PTFE, Tygon or Teflon.

Talking about lip piercing healing times – these body piercings heal pretty fast. Starting from 3 weeks and taking up to a couple of months the lip piercings usually don’t present any complications if proper lip piercing aftercare recommendations are observed.