Labret Body Jewelry

Labret Body Jewelry You may think that you cannot really experiment with labret piercings, but in fact you can find some really unique labret body jewelry. If you shop around you should be able to find quite a few different designs!

Whether you are looking for something simple or labret body jewelry that will really draw people’s attention; you can find it if you take the time to look.

What Labret Body Jewelry should you choose?

There are a few factors which will determine which type of labret body jewelry you choose. Your age, sex, budget and personal tastes will all contribute to the jewelry that you end up with.

For women the most popular types of labret body jewelry tends to be colourful and glittery designs. If you really want to stand out then why not look out for multicoloured labret body jewelry? This will really give a unique appearance and whilst it appeals to many women, it is a unisex design so males can comfortably wear them too.

Men typically prefer the plainer designs or designs which have very simple patterns. If you are a male looking for the right labret body jewelry to suit you then the best colour to look out for is black or blue. These colours will compliment your piercing and give you a more masculine appearance.

Hedgehog labrets are also fantastic for men. They have a more punk/gothic feel to them and they truly are unique. They have a spiky design and you can choose from a range of different colours.

The only thing to take into account when shopping for labret body jewelry is the material. To avoid infection and a possible negative reaction, it would be a good idea to purchase bioplast or titanium jewelry. These are high quality materials that do not usually cause any reaction. They are particularly better suited to first time piercings.

You can also find some labret body jewelry that simply pushes in. These take out the hassle of placing the jewelry into the piercing and they do not stick out as much as some other styles do.

Here you’ll find a wide selection of labret body jewelry if you shop around. No matter what your budget there will always be at least one design to suit your needs. Just remember to stick to titanium, surgical steel or bioplast jewelry if it is your first labret piercing!

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