Inverted Nipple Piercing – Does It Really Help to Fix Inverted Nipples?

Inverted Nipple Piercing Nipple piercing is reaaaaaly sexy – some say that it makes the nipples more sensitive! 🙂 Nowadays, inverted nipple piercing is also becoming popular because it has the benefit of inverted nipples correction. Some find it very embarrassing to have inverted nipples – one way to rectify this is to get inverted nipple piercing done.

What Inverted Nipple Piercing Involves

The piercer pulls out the inverted nipple and then pierces it. The jewelry which is worn then keeps it in an erect position. The process is simple when you have it done by an experienced expert.  The piercing is done at the base of the nipple’s erect part.

Both men and women go in for inverted nipples correction by getting them pierced. Some people just get the left or the right one done, as per choice. The piercing can be done vertically, horizontally or at an angle that is neither vertical nor horizontal. Some people get adventurous and get two piercings done on the same nipple. The inverted nipple piercing is generally done with 14 gauge for men and 16 gauge for women. Barbells and rings are the popular jewelry used.

What To Watch Out For In Inverted Nipple Piercing

Make sure to let your piercer know if your nipples are inverted or flat in advance so that he or she knows exactly what to do. It can also avoid a lot of discomfort.

The ring or barbell used must be large enough so that it doesn’t hurt even if there’s a swelling. Care must be taken not to pierce the fatty tissue of the areola since this can result in ‘mastitis’, a serious condition. Make sure to see a hygienic and experienced piercer who knows how to do the piercing. He or she should know the right way to handle an inverted nipple piercing. Sometimes, even after piercing, the ring or barbell can be rejected as the nipple sometimes tries to invert itself again. The piercer must pierce the nipple at the right spot to avoid migration. Migration happens when a part of the body pulls in the opposite direction from the piercing. This can cause problems.

The correct sized barbell must be used. If it is too short, the nipple can invert itself again along with the barbell, resulting in an abscess that can be easily avoided by using the right size. Care instructions after you get the piercing must be strictly followed for a smooth experience. That said nipple piercing is a great method for inverted nipple correction! FACT! Did you know that 10 – 20% of ALL women have inverted nipples? 😉

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