Unprofessional gauging

By Andrea, Wichita, KS

Ear Piercing

My boyfriend was wanting to gauge his ears for a very long time. I kind of did, but not really, it just looked cool to do, but I knew there would be some pain in the process of doing it. My parents look down upon it and are very strict and won’t let me do anything like it since im only fifteen.

Since his parents are extremely nice and have their ears gauged, they talked me through the whole process, since they said I could go right to a sixteen from a normal ear piercing. I couldn’t get the darn thing in, I used petroleum jelly, lube, peroxide and alcohol, and it wouldn’t go in. 🙁

By that time I was getting really frustrated. I stopped trying to for a few days until my boyfriend came over and tried doing it for me. (I absolutely hate people touching my ears) He tried, and it still wouldn’t go in. so later that night after he left, I tried putting them in again.

I used lube on them and I was really frustrated that I wasn’t able to get them in yet and my boyfriend was already at a fourteen by then, and so I pushed it in, (I was barley pushing it in the first few times) I felt so accomplished. I took a picture on my phone and sent it to my boyfriend and he replied back that he was proud of me.

I looked up online about how to take care of them, and so everyday in the shower i wash them with warm water and soap, and in the evenings I use peroxide. I waited two weeks before going up to a fourteen. Right now, I’m waiting to get twelve’s. I’m probably going to wait two weeks for these fourteens to heal.

My boyfriends at a ten now. I’m planning on going up to at least six or four. When I first got my fourteens they slid right in, no pain at all. I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of pain with any of the other sizes going up now. I would suggest to anybody to do this to their ears if they wanted to.

The pain at the very beginning is worth it. It feels like just popping a huge pimple, but on your ear. The cheapest gauges I found were at Spencers. For a pack of 3 pairs of the same gauge size was $ 9.99.