Cat got your tongue?

By Casie from Florida.

Im 15 years old and a bit of a peircing fanatic. I have 6 earings in my right ear and 4 on my left. All peirced by myself, using very unproffesional equeptment (safty pin and dirty earings) I moved on to facial peircings when i was 12 by peircing my nose and lip. At 14 i peirced my belly button ( WORST PEIRCING EVER! THE DAMN THING IS STILL INFECTED TODAY) When i turned 15 i decied i liked the taste of metal and wanted to peirce my toung.

I never perpaired for my toung peircing alli did was boil my old 14 gauged needle in saline water and withought an ounce of thought stuck it in my toung. BAD IDEA. It was slightly crooked and blood was EVERYWHERE. I didnt even have a barbell for the new peircing so i used an old industrial barbell and put it in my mouth. It was so oversized i couldnt even close my mouth! The next day i switched it with a real barbell but my toung was so swallon i could barely screw on the bead! My toung was like a ballon for the next 5 days. I couldnt speak. I couldnt eat.And worst of all i coudnt kiss my boyfriend.(i kissed him anyway and he ended up chomping on my toung)

After the 5 days of swollen pain my toung went down to normal size and now i cant even notice its there. it never got infected. No problem with my toung peircing. least complicated peircing ive ever had. 🙂

So overall the first 5 days sux when you first peirce your toung but the results are sooooooo worth it. Just ask my boyfriend. He loves it 😉