Lips, rings and pointy things.. how NOT to peirce your lip!

By Halo from Illinois.
A while back me and my boyfriend went on a little unauthorized week-long vacation. During which i decided i needed to get my snake bites back (for no other reason then i missed them).

I had no money and prefer piercing myself so i had to find someone with a lip ring or two i could use) After finally finding a friend that had a lip ring i decided with only one ring, things needed to be even, it had to go in the middle. My friend, boyfriend and i went to a local cafe and took a thumbtack off their bulliten board then my friend and i headed to the bathroom.

I washed the tack and the ring with soap and water (gotta keep things clean right? :p ) and then tried to push the tack through… lets just say dull tacks and water (which is not a lubricant by the way) make it really hard to get through those little balls in your lips… About half way through i had to stop and breath.

After finally getting the tack through i had to pull it out (which kinda closes the hole btw) and try to put the ring throug…. Just a reminder if your ring is bigger than the thing you made the hole with, your in a WORLD of hurt!!! after getting the ring half way through i had to have my friend help. she sat me on the toilet and tried her best to get it through. it wasnt gunna happen.

after about 20 mins of this i went out to my boyfriend who told me to hold onto the fence behind me. i grabbed the fence and bent my knees… lets just say some people thought my boyfriend and i were fighting with the scream and tears that followed 10 mins of pushing.. my friend said it sounded like i was giving birth… in a way i was kinda…. only it was mettle and on my lip.

After that my lip swelled alot and i had problems eating and drinking and kissing… the easiest way to care for a peircing like this is to NOT do it or take it out and get it done professionally… this piercing stayed in for a week before it got infected (even with the use of cleaners and proper care technique). I had to take it out.

A note from the editor:

This website does not condone or encourage self-piercing. Piercing should be carried out by a fully qualified, trained professional in a suitable studio with the appropriate equipment. Piercing is dangerous and, if done incorrectly can cause infections and serious injury. Halo, in her story, is wise to encourage others to get their piercings done professionally. Thanks for the story Halo.

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What did you do?!

By Janice from Texas

My favorite piercing is my tongue. Out of all of my 20 or so piercings, I have always been attached to my belly, industrial, and tongue. My tongue, though, has been an adventure.
I was about 12 when one day I was in the grocery store and I noticed a woman with a tongue ring, and I was like,”That is awesome!” I wanted one so bad that I kept asking my mom if I could get one. She, of course, is one of those no piercings allowed parents. I finally got upset at her one day and decided to pierce my own tongue.
I was alone on a Saturday night and I had already gotten a tongue ring from a friend that had gotten his pierced about a month earlier. I decided to use a sewing needle again like I had done on my belly before( another story). I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted it sooooo much I could no longer deal with the compulsion to have it. I stuck out my tongue, and I pushed the needle through the top of my tongue in the area where you are supposed to do it( my friend told me). It ddn’t hurt as bad as I thought until I tried to push the jewelry through. I winded up leaving the sewing needle in my tongue until the next day. I tried pushing it in and I succeeded after an hour or so.Yay! So I thought.
A month went by, my tongue healing properly, and I decided to change out the metal bar I had to a plastic one. I had it in a week and my tongue started to itch like crazy. I didn’t want to take out the bar because it was pretty and I had lost my other one. It turns out my body prefers metal to plastic, so my tongue got an infection. I treated the infection, but I noticed my tongue was starting to scar a little. It was then that I decided to take out my beloved piercing. I was upset, but I got my piercing back for my 18th birthday.

My Medusa/ Nose Piercing Experience

By Tabitha from Baltimore.
Ok i was the end of june on my bestfriends sister birthday, we decided to bring out the piercing supply to kill time before we went to the club. so as everybody was doin hair and makeup, i was like yo ima do it im not scared i grabed the 18g needle and clamps and i was like what i shoud i do a monroe, medusa, snake or spider bites?

nobody never what i should do they thought they all would look great on me so i decided to be different and do the whole medusa piercing. so as i prepared myself to do this i jus dirfted off in my own zone blast some lil boosie to get father in the zone before you knew it i done shoved the needle in my upper lip underneath my nose. icounldnt fint the little ball so i panic like omg i just did this for nothing yo help me find the ball quick my bestie found it and put it on the bar tightly. i was in a mode for pain and pleasure and more piercings so i decied to do my nose at that very moment for some reason i got scared btut isaid to hell with it ima do it i want so put the clamps on my nose i did it but this time i bleed. i was terrified because my bigest fear is bleeding to death but i proceded and i put the small nose ring in i als o grabbed a napkin to apply pressure on my new pierecing and it bleed for 30 mintunes striaght i thought iwould never stop but it did jus in time for me to get washed up and dressed to go out and enjoy her wonderful party.

A parent’s Defiance

By Jennifer, from Georgia.

I asked my mom a few months ago if I could get a cartilage piercing and of course she said “NO!” Me being the person I am decided to go against her wishes and did it anyway.
After buying some studs from wal-mart. I came home and got myself some gloves. I then went into the kitchen to get some ice. At this point I was so excited and scared at the same time and also kind of jittery.

I went into one of our bathrooms (the one no one ever uses; it is the cleanest) and layed everything down. I put the gloves on and used cotton balls to wipe of the cartlige area with alcohol. I did that because I have done alot of research on the DIY cartilage piercing and that was one of the things I remember being said about it. Anyway, I then took two ice cubes (one in front of my ear and one behind it) and held it there for about 3 minutes so that it will numb my ear.

After putting the ice cubes down I took the earring and then looked at it took a deep breath and sorta kinda hesitated for a minute I thought to mself hurry up before the numbness wears off! So finally I took my ear looked in the mirror for the right spot and pushed the earring through. At first I Heard a pop and got excited, you know cause I thought i got it through but I felt the back of my ear and it wasn’t through yet So I keep pushing a little bit upward and heard 2 more pops (3 total) and then I put the back on. I did this again to the other ear except with different icecubes and a different cotton ball. To my surprise it came out symmetrical. YES!

I cleaned it at least twice a day and turned it while cleaning it. Its been about 4 months and its healed. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself although mine didn’t get infected. Good luck!
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I did my lips myself?!?!?

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Piercings are a great artform in todays society and most people leave it to the professonals but theres a few set of people that do it themselves!

And i am one of them i wanted to get my snakebites done so i first got a set of 14g horseshoe lip piercings and sterilized them then i got out my curved sowing needle and sterilized that and a 16g horsehoe to stretch the holes to make the 14g go in easier then i marked the holes with a permanent marker and used a ruler to makeshure they were exact length apart and madeshure it was an half of an inch away from my lip.

Then i pushed the sowing needle in going fast as to not prolonging the pain if u cant deal with pain al too much use ice or a toothache pain reliever to num your lip then after i got the sowing needle all the way in i pushed the 16g horseshoe in to stretch the hole and left it in for abt an hr then i pushed the 14g in and i did all this to the 2nd hole and once they were in i sterilized the holes and kept doing tht for abt 3 weeks makng shure i didnt get them infected this is not an impulse thing if you do it yourself u have to plan these things out or it will get infected if things are not planed out its a great piercing and i feel accomplished knowing i did it myself.