A parent’s Defiance

By Jennifer, from Georgia.

I asked my mom a few months ago if I could get a cartilage piercing and of course she said “NO!” Me being the person I am decided to go against her wishes and did it anyway.
After buying some studs from wal-mart. I came home and got myself some gloves. I then went into the kitchen to get some ice. At this point I was so excited and scared at the same time and also kind of jittery.

I went into one of our bathrooms (the one no one ever uses; it is the cleanest) and layed everything down. I put the gloves on and used cotton balls to wipe of the cartlige area with alcohol. I did that because I have done alot of research on the DIY cartilage piercing and that was one of the things I remember being said about it. Anyway, I then took two ice cubes (one in front of my ear and one behind it) and held it there for about 3 minutes so that it will numb my ear.

After putting the ice cubes down I took the earring and then looked at it took a deep breath and sorta kinda hesitated for a minute I thought to mself hurry up before the numbness wears off! So finally I took my ear looked in the mirror for the right spot and pushed the earring through. At first I Heard a pop and got excited, you know cause I thought i got it through but I felt the back of my ear and it wasn’t through yet So I keep pushing a little bit upward and heard 2 more pops (3 total) and then I put the back on. I did this again to the other ear except with different icecubes and a different cotton ball. To my surprise it came out symmetrical. YES!

I cleaned it at least twice a day and turned it while cleaning it. Its been about 4 months and its healed. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself although mine didn’t get infected. Good luck!
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