Eyebrow Piercing Experience

This eyebrow piercing experience video was sent in my Aleta from Vegas! Thanks! 😉

This is my right eyebrow piercing and I decided to get it done when I was 18 in Merced, California.

I don’t really know why I decided to get it done – I was just being rebellious or something like that. 😉

I got it done in some little shop where I was living at the time.

I didn’t hurt at all actually when I got it done.

Eyebrow Piercing Experience

I think I paid something like 30 dollars to get it done and it healed really easily, it didn’t really hurt or scab over, bleed or anything.

The only difficulty I had with this one was that the piercer who pierced it did it a little bit longer – kind of an in-between sizes of most piercings so it’s a bit difficult to get the right size piercing for it.

But otherwise I haven’t had any difficulties with my eyebrow piercing ever since!


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My Superb Double-Eyebrow Piercing

Charlene aged 19, New Orleans

Body Piercing Story

I had originally gone with my friend to the piercer to support her when she was having her eyebrow done. When the piercing was being done she didn’t make a fuss and afterwards she said she hardly felt a thing. It looked so simple. I was so impressed with her piercing that I decided to book myself in to the same saloon.

But I wanted something different from the piercing my friend had gotten. She had a usual eyebrow piercing – you know, the one that pierces the eyebrow from the bottom to the top.

I spent some time on the Net looking at different eyebrow projects and then I saw exactly what I needed – eyebrow piercing that is placed just above the eyebrow; it’s essentially a surface piercing. And I wanted it double!

So I went into the saloon and I already knew what to expect because I was there when my friend had hers. The guy chose high quality titanium eyebrow barbells and told me to sit down on the chair. He marked the piercing spots and used the clamp thing to secure the skin fold when getting it pierced. The very moment when the piercing needle went through the skin was a bit painful, but when the barbells were in, it just felt a bit stingy, it’s just normal.

Now that I have the superb double eyebrow piercing I really wouldn’t change it for the world! It looks great and thanks to me following the piercers advice, it healed fairly quickly too. It is a minute’s pain for something that will last for years.

The piercer was friendly and he put my mind at ease before I had the actual piercing done. I would definitely recommend that you ask any questions that you have when you first meet with your piercer. Mine really helped to put my mind at ease and choose the best stud to go in the piercing once it was finished.