Industrial Body Jewelry

Industrial Body Jewelry Finding industrial body jewelry can often be a struggle as it is one of the less common piercings available. However, if you shop from Body Jewelry Guide then it is possible to find some pretty unique industrial body jewelry designs!

Purchasing industrial Body Jewelry

Industrial body jewelry is designed to connect one piercing to another. Usually this type of piercing is done in the ear and the jewelry runs from one end of the piercing to the other.

Usually the jewelry that you find will be a simple barbell design. After all, there are not many designs that can be used for this type of piercing. However, it is still possible to find a unique barbell design if you are looking to really stand out.

One thing that you have to consider when shopping for industrial body jewelry is the material that it is created from. If you have only just had your piercing then it is important to be aware that some materials could cause a negative reaction. Gold and silver are typically two types of metal that should be avoided until the piercing has healed.

Surgical steel and titanium are two of the best materials to choose. So stick with these until your piercing has healed up and then you can experiment with whichever industrial body jewelry you like.

Something Slightly Different

If you are looking to stand out and you want a slightly different design then why not opt for a spiral surgical steel project bar? This is slightly different in the fact that the bar has a spiral effect at the centre of it. Most industrial body jewelry is completely straight. So a spiral effect bar will draw attention to it and give your piercing a unique appearance.

If you want to really make a statement then you can also purchase a middle finger project bar. This design could cause offence but it is perfect for those looking to achieve a big statement with their piercing.

Industrial piercings are not overly common and so the jewelry that you have to choose from is somewhat limited. However by having a look below should still be able to find a few really good industrial earrings!

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