Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells We already know that barbells come in different forms: straight, curved, spiral and circular barbells with either internal or external threading. In particular, the circular barbell is bent almost like a ring but with a little gap between its two ends.

So you get a ring that is as easy to wear as a barbell! These are also referred to as horseshoe barbells for their similarity in shape. They make a great choice for nipple piercings, ear piercings, septum piercings, and a lot more.

As with most body jewelry, circular barbells also come in different diameters – gauges – to suit different piercings. One or both the beads can be threaded, so that you can fix a variety of beads and ends to the same horseshoe bar. This barbell is also called a three quarter bar, which is obviously because it seems to cover three quarters of a circle.

Circular barbells are quite similar to the captive ball rings because you can wear them in practically any piercing, just like CBRs. Some people prefer circular barbells because it is more flexible, with the two balls that are threaded on to the bar.

Back in the 1990s they had barbells in the shape of the actual horseshoe with straight ends. Today, this shape is not as popular as the circular barbell, which is used in a variety of piercings like ear, navel, nipple, labret, eyebrow and genital piercings. The size ranges from 18 gauges to half an inch at the other extreme. You will find circular barbells in acrylic, titanium, surgical grade steel and white and yellow gold.

Embellishments on the circular barbells come in the form of pretty UV sensitive glow in the dark acrylic balls, cones, spikes, cubes, flowers, dangles, with gemstones embedded in different captivating colors and designs. They are also quite inexpensive, so you can easily build a collection of circular barbells that you can wear for various events. You can usually get different colors and styles of beads or other embellishments that you can use with the same bar by just threading it on to it! 😉

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Barbell – The Most Common Body Piercing Jewelry!

Body Piercing Barbell

Barbells are probably the most popularly used body piercing jewelry for a variety of body piercing locations.

The name comes from the “barbells” which is used by weightlifters. Jim Ward who is reputed to have designed a lot of early body jewelry made them famous back in the 1970s. These are very easy to wear and come in different materials, designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Barbells are usually made of a straight bar that has a bead at each end.

You will often find that you can interchange the beads in a barbell, letting you use the same bar for a huge variety of beads. The common type is the barbell that has one permanent bead with the other being removable. The removable bead is internally or externally threaded.

For most initial body piercings, barbells are the best choice. The bar goes through the piercing and beads hold it in place. Since the bar is available in different lengths, longer barbells are used for fresh piercings, and later, shorter barbells are used. As far as threading is concerned, internally threaded barbells are the best since they don’t graze against the piercing. In internally threaded barbells, it is the bead that screws into the bar of the barbell, causing less irritation. In the externally threaded one, it is the bar that screws into the bead.

Check out the different barbells below!

Belly Button Barbells

Tongue Barbells

Industrial Barbells

Labret Barbells

Nose Barbells

Tragus Barbells

Barbells are worn in tongue, nipple, eyebrow, nose, septum, nasallang, ear, belly and genital piercings. You can expect to see all kinds of gauge sizes if you look at the gauge chart, but the most common is the 14-gauge barbell. Materials used are generally surgical grade steel, titanium, PTFE, Bioplast, niobium and gold.

Straight barbells are not the only type available. You also get curved barbells, banana barbells, and circular or horseshoe barbells. Surface bars are also considered to be a type of barbells used in surface piercing. Just like the bars, the beads also come in a variety of shapes like cubes, triangles, cones, disks etc. Barbells are made with lathe, taps and dies. If you opt for the handcrafted barbells you end up paying more as they use better quality material and you get jewelry items that are better finished!