Clear Body Jewelry

Clear Body Jewelry You got your body piercing so that you could flaunt it, right? You also have all those pretty jewelry that you can’t wait to try on. Then why would you even look at clear body jewelry?

For one thing, there are people who just don’t want others to notice their piercing. If you happen to go to work or school where body jewelry is not allowed, you don’t want to lose your piercing. Instead, you can wear a retainer or clear body jewelry so that not only does your piercing stay intact, but also lets you wear the kind of variety you want later! 🙂

Another major use for clear body jewelry is for pregnant women. Many women tend to develop sensitivity to certain materials against their skin during their pregnancy. Rather than remove their body jewelry and let the piercing close up, they would prefer to wear clear body jewelry in body friendly materials like Bioplast and PTFE that is flexible and expands to accommodate the swelling.

Finally, some people simple love to wear transparent body jewelry. So now, let us look at some of the hottest clear body jewelry available. One of the most popular body piercing jewelry is the belly ring retainer. It really makes your belly piercing unnoticeable. The 14-gauge Bioplast curved barbell retainer can be used just about anywhere.

Bioplast is approved worldwide as a body jewelry material. It is safe for all skin types and helps the piercing heal fast, if it is a fresh piercing. Swellings and infections are also minimized. Bioplast is absolutely comfortable to wear and flexible. It is one of the best body piercing jewelry materials for new piercings. The clear body jewelry can be worn in the form of a colorless barbell. And then, when you get back from school or work, you can just change the balls and wear colorful ones. Quite a few of these belly rings come with an extra pair of balls in different colors.

Another perfect clear body jewelry option to keep your piercing intact is the flexible PTFE, especially suited to pregnant women. This comes with an adjustable length barbell. PTFE is self-threading, safe, body friendly and non-allergic. So you can wear just about any accessory you already have with this.

So just check out all the clear body jewelry options and get creative! 😉

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