Bioplast Body Jewelry

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Getting a new body piercing? What’s the most important thing that will require your attention during the next few weeks? Yes, it’s piercing aftercare.

So allow me to introduce you to Bioplast body jewelry!

Have you ever heard of Bioplast? Let me tell you a few things about it.

The very word ‘Bioplast’ originates from two words – ‘biological’ and ‘plastic’. So as you can already guess, this is a biocompatible type of plastic. This essentially means that it isn’t going to interfere with your body’s cells and fluids when inserted into a fresh piercing wound!

So it’s no wonder Bioplast has been recognized as one of the best materials for initial body piercings. When you get a new piercing and insert Bioplast body jewelry, you can rest assured that the likelihood of developing some allergic reaction and swelling is minimized.

Another benefit of wearing Bioplast is its flexibility. Well, there’s another material that is even more flexible than Bioplast – it’s PTFE. However, unless you really need a massive range of movement in the healing piercing, like in a navel industrial piercing, you’ll do just fine with Bioplast body jewelry.

So why is the flexibility an advantage? Simply – the fresh piercing is going to be less traumatized because the flexible Bioplast jewelry will adjust to the body movements while it’s healing.

Bioplast body jewelry can also be sterilized up to 121° C and you shouldn’t have any problems taking it with you when you go to get pierced. As Bioplast comes in all imaginable color variations, you can pick your favourite barbell or ring even before going to the studio and get it inserted.

Otherwise you have to wait until the new piercing heals. And sometimes people are so tempted to remove the boring plain barbell and insert the new one…that they ignore the fact that their piercing hasn’t healed properly yet.

The result when inserting the new piece of jewelry? They damage the half-healed piercing hole and it can swell up again and start oozing.

So to avoid all this fuss – simply choose a nice looking Bioplast body jewelry in the very beginning and ask your piercer to insert it!