cheek dermals !SMILE!

By Renee from Beaver Falls.

I got my microdermal implants a week ago on my dimpples on my cheeks.

I went in to the tat shope sooo nervous! I layed down and before i knew it my left side was done! wow that was quick and it hurt WAY less than my cheek piercing ! the 2nd one hurt a little more but not realy.

Now me im a big baby and if i stubb my toe i cry but these didnt hurt at all.And i LOVE THEM!!! totaly for dermals the best thing i ever did.
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My fabulous Monroe!

By Sami, from Illinois.

The day of my graduation I got grad money and had been wanting to get something pierced. So with the help of my boyfriend and after thinking it thru and thinking about the fact that I can also take it out and it will just leave a small freckle like mark I decided to get my monroe pierced.

The only other piercings I had was my ears triple pierced and my cartilage twice, so I was kinda nervous. I went to a place downtown that was the only piercing place around before this year and has been there for for a very long time. Its called Out On A Whim and there is only one piercer that works there. Hes really professional and went over everything that he was going to do. I told him I wanted to get a Monroe and he said there is no such thing, Do you mean a marilyn? I said sure. Lol. Right before I went in the back room I started to get really nervous.

he marked the spot and my boyfriend asked if it could be moved at all and he said I could get it done on either side but only one spot because hes notgonna be responsible for thousands of dollars worth of dental work later on. I personally like the spot he puts it in because it farther up closer to the nose and less by the lip. I didnt even feel the needle go thru but when he slipped the stud thru which connects onto the needle it pinched a little. Afterwards he gave me a solution to mix with a gallon of water and told me how to clean it. His suggestion is 3 times a day for 3 weeks then 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Then at 6 weeks you can change it but it wont be fully healed till 6 months.

It hasnt really bothered me it was kinda sore for about a day and then a little less then a week later in scabbed and bled a little, but that only lasted for about 2 days. I’ve had it now for about a weeks and a half and its healing really good. I think it looks really cute and would recommend it to anyone.

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How About Getting A Monroe Piercing?

Monroe Piercing Trendy lip piercing can be done in a number of ways and one of the favorite ones is Monroe Piercing. It is called Monroe, Crawford or Madonna because it is named after the position in which these actresses had a beauty spot above their upper lip.

Monroe piercing is considered very safe because there are very few nerves in this area of your face. In about three to six weeks you get completely healed. Also, the mouth has enzymes that destroy bacteria, so the risk of an infection is also minimized.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Monroe piercing is popular with both men and women.  It is done just above the upper lip, off center to the left, and looks great with labret rings and studs. Labrets are pierced just under the lip and above the chin. This looks quite sexy and if you choose to wear a black round stud, it will look just like the beauty mark it is named after. If you prefer to wear a gemstone, then of course it will twinkle every time you move.

Generally, a Monroe piercing can be enhanced with a 12, 16 or 18 gauge labret. You can also get a double Monroe, called the Crayfish done; here the piercing is done on both sides of the upper lip. If you wear longish barbells unlike the short ones on the Monroe piercing, it resembles the antennae of the crayfish, so that’s where it gets its name from. The popular jewelry choice for the Monroe piercing is the metal ball sometimes set with a gem.

Caring For Your Monroe Piercing

After you get your Monroe piercing done, expect some swelling in and around the lip area. Just like any other piercing, this too can get infected, so you must take care to keep your mouth and jewelry clean. This will also avoid scarring. While getting the piercing, make sure to get it done from a professional who is aware that the superior labial artery above the upper lip is not punctured.

The procedure is practically painless though you may feel a little discomfort if you have thick lips. Men are said to find it slightly more painful since their skin is tougher to pierce. If you play any wind instruments you might feel discomfort because the muscles around your mouth will be larger.

Be aware that the metal stud of the Monroe piercing jewelry can rub against your gums and teeth, damaging them. You can, however avoid this by wearing plastic labret studs.

FUNNY FACT! Did you know that Monroe piercing is the least painful body piercing because there’s very few nerves in this area of the face?