Surface Piercing

Surface PiercinghSurface piercings are placed within the same fold of skin. They do not pass through body tissue and they can often be difficult to heal.

There are a number of different types of surface piercings that you can choose from but before you rush out and get one, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

Things to Consider

When done correctly a surface piercing can look unique. However, unfortunately many piercers out there do not seem to be able to perform a surface piercing properly.

If you do not go to an experienced piercer then you could end up experiencing a lot of pain as well as many complications after the piercing has been done.

Your body sees everything that is placed into the skin as a foreign object. Therefore a surface piercing can often be rejected by the body and it could try to push it out as it would with a splinter. An experienced piercer will know exactly where to place the piercing to avoid this from occurring.

If your piercer uses the same technique to pierce the skin as they would with a regular piercing, your surface piercing will not last very long. The jewellery that is placed into the piercing places a lot of pressure onto the skin and that prevents it from healing. The choice of jewellery that you have is limited and generally the best type of jewellery you can choose is the surface bar.

The aftercare that you need to give the surface piercing is quite hard work. For this reason many piercers do not like to perform a surface piercing. Most of the time the body will reject it and they are quite difficult to heal.

Well… Surface piercings are difficult to maintain but if done properly it is possible for them to last a few years. They do look good and they can be placed practically anywhere on the body. So if you would like to have a surface piercing and you do not mind it only lasting for a few months, it would be a good idea to search around for a good piercer.

Never go with the first piercer that you find as if you choose an inexperienced piercer, you could experience a lot of pain!


  1. I am confused now, my piercer is considered to be one of the best and he thinks a surface bar would be better than microdermals for a nape piercing.
    But I read here that microdermals are the only permanenent solution…

  2. I have done plenty of nape surface piercings with great success with surface bars AND microdermals. A qualified piercer can perform a long lasting nape piercing.

  3. this is absolutly stunning, you suit them so well, i have several piercings also, she did it so well, you look amazing with them
    well done

  4. Is it possiable to get a serface bar in the back???..if so how long will it last , and is it painful ?? i really wanna get this done:)

  5. im lovin the way that looks and i want them done that exactly where i want mine this has helped me make up my mind an i will o get it done!

  6. my surface piercing have gone well so far, just waiting to see how my collar bone one heals as only got it done 3 days ago. I have 2 on my right hip and 1 on my left, they didnt hurt too bad, to get done, but were a bit sore for about 2 weeks to sit down or to bend over to put shoes on, but nothing to bad, they have been done, 3 months now. the least painfull was my nape piercing, didnt hurt to get done, and hardly hurt after, its been about 3/4 weeks almost and its fine 🙂 and my left collar bone didnt hurt at the time. But has hurt since its been done. And i woke up today, and i have a nasty bruse right next to were the bar is under my skin, but the pain is easing. Im really glad about that, cause it hurt so bad yesterday, i couldnt move my arm. I was thinking about getting one in line with my nape piercing, right at the bottom of my back, but im un sure if it can be done, and if it would heal?? x

  7. Wendy keep in mind you have a sharp needle penetrating your skin getting a piercing will either hurt, sting or just feel like a pinch i have 7 piercings and recently got my anti eyebrow which is a surface piercing, seriously i was freaking out to get and made myself look stupid because it felt like some granny was pinching my cheek but reactions very especially by how experienced the piercer is.

  8. Hi i was trying to find out a price on getting a piercing between my boobs how much would it cost ?

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