Stainless Steel Body Jewelry

Stainless Steel Body JewelryThe majority of body piercing jewelry is made out of surgical grade stainless steel because it is body friendly. Surgical steel body jewelry is especially of high quality. Additionally, it is affordable, strong and safe to wear. It is generally preferred for its low risk of allergic reactions!

This means there is also reduced risk of infections, swellings in a new piercing. This is the same reason why surgical grade steel is also used in body implants after surgery!

Stainless steel body jewelry is available as ball closure rings, barbells, clip in accessories, banana barbells, horseshoe and curved barbells, labret studs, nose studs, twisted spiral rings, nipple shields, navel rounders and much more. Most body jewelry made of other materials like silver and acrylic still have surgical grade steel as the main part that is inserted into the body to prevent chances of any negative reaction. Steel is also corrosion resistant, making it safe to wear.

Barbells and captive rings, of course can be worn with most body piercings. These are perfect for first time piercings. The stainless steel body jewelry barbells can also feature interesting ends like rainbows, flags, xxx stuff, flags, skulls, etc. You should also check out the curved barbells in different designs and styles to find the ones that appeal to you the most. Just go ahead and browse!

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