Silver Body Jewelry

Silver Body JewelryBody piercing jewelry is made of a variety of materials and silver body jewelry is quite popular. There are a variety of designs and styles available for different body piercings like ear piercings, belly piercings, nipple piercings etc.

Even though it is called silver body jewelry, the bar that goes into your piercing and stays in touch with your body is always made of surgical grade steel because it is safe. The silver part of the jewelry is only the dangle or the ornamental part of the jewelry. There is an important reason for this – while silver is a precious metal, it does tend to tarnish when exposed to air over time and can affect the skin when worn on it directly. When silver tarnishes, it can cause skin irritations or infections in some people.

Designs Galore

You can buy sterling silver body jewelry in unique patterns. For ear piercings, there is the left cartilage earring in an unusual tribal flames design in 925 sterling silver. The bar that passes through the piercing is a 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbell.

You also get earring studs for tragus piercing in silver body jewelry. The tragus basically is the piece of cartilage just in front of the ear canal. In particular, the gorgeous sterling silver aqua spike Bioplast tragus earring stud looks great on the ear, as a labret for a lip or Monroe piercing. The Bioplast barbell has the silver stud with zirconia smoothly fitting into it. Bioplast, as you know is a totally body friendly material that is flexible. It is biocompatible and flexible, reduces the chances of allergic reactions, infections and swellings, and helps your piercing heal a lot faster than other body jewelry material.

For belly piercings, there are handcrafted silver aqua heart belly rings made o f 14 gauge, 11 mm surgical steel which has a silver charm dangle with a cubic zirconia in the heart. Silver body jewelry is also available for nipple piercings. The clear sterling silver butterfly nipple shield is a pretty butterfly nipple ring that has a butterfly dangling from a chain on the surgical steel barbell.

These creative designs span a huge range and you can get just about anything you want, depending on your preference.

So go check them out and add to your collection today! 😉

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