Red Peace Heart Eyebrow Ring

I think I’ve got the answer to finding World Peace. I wish. But what I have definitely got for you today is this fabulous Red Peace Heart Eyebrow Ring that is guaranteed to draw attention to your face when you wear it!

It could be the red peace heart or it could be the beautifully polished steel barbell. This 16 gauge 3/8” 316L surgical grade steel curved eyebrow ring is designed with a peace sign in the shape of a heart. The peace heart is made of epoxy and is a nice bright red.

Eyebrow piercings are very popular and look very aesthetically pleasing. You can be certain that you will most certainly get a second look when you step out wearing this strikingly designed red peace heart eyebrow ring. How you want to look with your eyebrow piercing will depend on your body jewelry to some extent, but this red peace heart could be just what you are looking for, what you need to add some color to your face.

This irresistible eyebrow ring goes with just about any outfit you choose to wear. I’d recommend wearing white, but you might prefer another color. In any case, get the red peace heart eyebrow ring into your collection right away! 😉

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