Red Gem Push-In MONROE Ring

Ever gazed in awe of all those cool people wearing a labret stud? I have, and I think it looks really cool and unique! If you are considering getting a โ€˜Monroeโ€™ piercing done, I have the right jewelry for you โ€“ it is a 14-gauge steel ruby red gem push in Monroe ring.

This 14-gauge 3/8โ€ 316L surgical grade stainless steel is completely safe for your fresh piercing especially on your lip, which is sensitive. It is very easy to wear and quite comfortable.

For those who are wondering what a Monroe piercing is, this is a lip piercing that is off-center above your upper lip and looks quite like a beauty spot. Think Marilyn Monroe. By the way, this is also called a Madonna, or a Crawford piercing because both celebrities have a beauty spot above the upper lip at the position where this piercing is done. So call it what you like, based on which celebrity you like the most!

The ideal jewelry for your Monroe piercing is this steel ruby red gem push in Monroe ring or labret that slides in slickly and is held in place by the press fit gem that gives it a really glam look. Order it now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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