By Kayla, from Traverse City.

I have a left cheek bone surface ring. I first decided to get the piercing when I was watching cops one night when I was nine and saw a girl on the show who had it and I wanted it ever since.

I choose my peircing studio by doing my research about the place. The peircer was very nice and very informative probably about a 20 minute speach before I got it doneabout how to take care of it and other things I may need to know.

The process went something like this. She mad marked a spot on my face and I told her where i wanted it in what placement that was good for me and then she had pinched my skin and put a clamp on my face and told me to take a deep breath in and then put the needle through then told me to breath out.

And it was done well that part then she took the clampoff and put the jewelry through my skin and screwed the other ball on then i was done.some bruising accured but that is normal. The piercer told me how to take care of it and gave me sea salt and gave me a pamphlet on how ot take proper care of it she was very informative like I had said erlier.

She told me how long it would take she told me that the bruising would take at least 2 or 3 weeks to officially go away.I dont have a belly ring I do have a tongue ring its gauged and i do have 3 nose rings and i dont have nipple rings i am writing about my surface peircing so there is it

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