Plug Body Jewelry

Plug Body JewelryPlugs are often associated with earrings because they are worn in earlobe piercings when the piercing is stretched. In fact, all stretched piercings, no matter where they are, are adorned with plugs. Plugs are ideal when they fit the piercing comfortably. While there are standard lengths and gauges, they are often custom made as per specifications.

You can get solid or hollow plugs and these come in almost all the material that is used for body jewelry. You can expect to find acrylic, steel, titanium, organic materials, glass, silicone, or niobium. Size also ranges widely starting at 10 gauge, although you can get smaller sizes as well. The plug has flared or threaded ends or even rubber or silicone o-rings to hold it in place.

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You will find different styles of plugs out there. There are solid plugs that are shaped like cylinders and have grooves to keep the o-riings intact. The cylinders are not hollow and feature one o-ring at either end to keep its place in the piercing. There are plugs that are single or double domed. In the single domed plug, one side is flared while the other has an o-ring whereas in the double domed, both ends are flared. The double domed plug is not used in stretching the piercing.

Another type of plug is the tube, which is hollow and uses an o-ring to keep it in place. The eyelet plug is also hollow but has flares at the ends. You will come across single flared eyelet and double flared eyelet. There threaded tunnel plugs that are hollow as well as flared on one end while the other end is threaded so that a piece can be threaded in to keep the plug in place in the piercing.

The plugs, earlets and tunnels are commonly used in ear lobe. But you an also wear them in stretched septum piercings and labret piercing. You can get plus in a huge range of materials, colors and styles that look very attractive. Some of the interesting materials used are horn, bone, wood, acrylic, steel and white howlite crystal. You also get steel plugs and tunnels. Some of the plugs are engraved or inset with different designs for variety.

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