Pink’s Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are quite the craze today with both men and women. But people really sat up and took notice when funky Grammy winning American singer and celebrity Pink’s nipple piercing was filmed and broadcasted by her! She got her nipple piercing backstage after a concert and recorded the entire procedure. Fans got to see it in her “Live in Europe” DVD. She certainly got ‘the party started’ there!

Nipple piercings are done at the base of the nipple. This can be just about any angle although the horizontal one is the one that most people prefer. Of course there are the adventurous types who get multiple nipple piercings done.

Pink’s nipple piercing is of the horizontal type. She sports a variety of jewelry and is not shy about showing it off. She decided to get her right nipple pierced after she heard that breasts get even more sensitive with one. We are not sure about Pink’s nipple piercing healing details, though… She is likely to tell the world about this once she gets accustomed to the barbell in her nipple! 😉

Pink is a trend setter with an unusual sense of fashion which is as popular as her music videos and records. She packs in a variety of music styles from punk to R & B. She has also acted in movies like Charlie’s Angels, Catacombs and Rollerball.

Her mother was present, although she was a lot more nervous than Pink barely controlling herself from screaming. Pink, however was cool through the entire process except when the needle went through her nipple.

According to rumors, Pink’s nipple piercing might motivate her motocross racer ex-husband Carey Hart to either go in for one as well. Or he might get an even more exciting piercing!

Considering the variety of nipple piercing jewelry available, ranging from shields to bars to dangles to rings, it is not really surprising how many people want to check it out following Pink’s nipple piercing!

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