By Arnalis from Chicago

Well my first piercing ever was my monroe.

I had pierced it myself under a being a rebel act. You can say I was bored and the regular parents said no, pretty much made me do it even more.

I sat in the washroom using a earing of mine to pierce my lip, it actually worked too. It didn’t hurt one bit either, so you can say i thought i was cool for doing so too. I got cuaght by my step-mother and i had to take it off. But it did heal and i had no infection even though i didnt do it how it needed to be done.

Some months went by and i went on vacation, I went and got it professionally done and i also got my belly button pierced also at that time. It was funny because i had one guy piercing my lip while the other was piercing my bellly button. I began to cry thinking they already had pinched me when i come to find out they have not even started. I felt like such a dork and the guys where luaghing because i freaked out and they didnt even began to pierce.

The guys where really funny and got my mind ofthe piercing part and also told me how to take care of my piercings too. I wont ever pierce anything myself ever again because you just never know. And the guys warned me not to either!


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