Nostril Screws

Nostril ScrewIf you have a nose piercing, you’re most likely wearing a nostril screw. This lovely body jewelry is a shaft that has a decorative end that is visible on the outside. The shaft passes through the piercing and turns at a right angle inside the nostril to end in a C shaped curve that fits comfortably inside. This curve can be a left or a right curve.

The nostril screw is so called because it is actually screwed into the nose piercing and looks like a stud, but without the stud at the other end to keep it in place. Often, piercers buy straight nostril screws of smaller gauge and then bend it to the desired shape.

Most nostril screws are generally pre-bent and ready to wear. They give you the nice look of a stud when worn. Although easy to wear, some people consider them harder to clean than rings. Getting the nose screw out is also easy.

Check out the nose screws below!

Nose Screws

Gold Nose Screws

Bioplast Nose Screws

When you need to take off the nostril screw, you must first clean the inside of the piercing and make it free from any crust around it. After that the stud must be raised until you reach the angle at the piercing. You then rotate the C shaped curve to take out the nostril screw. The first time can be a bit tedious when you are not used to it, but you will get the hang of it as you go along! 😉

Preferably, nostril screws must not be removed for at least two months, until the healing is complete. If you remove it too soon, it can be painful and your piercing will close up quickly. Nostril screws are a good option for those who have had a small gauge nostril piercing. As we said earlier, the piercer can custom bend it to suit you after allowing space for swelling and cleaning. Once it heals, the nostril screw is bent again to fit snugly.

You can wear nostril screws with jeweled tips in different colored gemstones both prong set and bezel set. Some have a flower or a shape at the tip. Nostril screws come in surgical steel, titanium, Bioplast, platinum, silver, white and yellow gold. The UV acrylic tips come in dazzling colors that look very striking!


  1. How do you determine if you want a left or right curve. I had my nose pierced about 8yrs ago and recently the original nose screw fell out and I was never able to find it. I would like to purchase another and do not live anywhere close to a piercing shop so that I can buy a straight and have them custom bend it. My right nostril is pierced if that makes a difference.

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