Nose Piercing

Nose PiercingNose piercing is quite common these days and there are several different ways in which it can be done. Typically the most common tends to be the nostril piercing and the most common jewellery worn in a nose piercing is a nose stud.

It is subtle yet it is easily seen so it still makes a big enough statement. As well as being a cosmetic statement, in India nose piercings are also worn for cultural reasons.

In fact, nose piercing in America and the UK became largely popular due to the Indian culture. The reason why women do wear nose piercings in India is because they are said to make childbirth easier. They are also a Hindu mark of honour to the Goddess of marriage, Parvathi.

Different Types of Nose Piercings

As well as the nostril piercing, there are other types of nose piercings that you could get. A septum piercing is one of the lesser common ones and it tends to make the biggest statement. It looks just like a bull ring and it sticks out of both nostrils.

There is an option you can take if you would like to hide the piercing when you have to stick to a certain dress code and that is to purchase a septum retainer. That basically allows you to push the nose ring up inside your nose until it is needed again.

The least common nose piercing is the bridge piercing. This is done through the small part of the skin on the bridge of the nose. Most people tend to wear bar rings in these types of piercings, though seamless studs also look quite good. There is a warning with the bridge piercing too and that is that it has a high rejection rate. So there is a good chance that your body will reject the piercing.

Overall nose piercings are common and they can look really good. As with all piercings they will need time to heal so proper aftercare is essential. There are so many different types of nose piercing jewellery to choose from. So if you do choose to have your nose pierced you should easily be able to find something to suit your tastes!

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