Can You Speed Up Your Nose Piercing Healing?

Nose Piercing HealingYes, you can! These days, both men and women go in for nose piercing because it is looks really cool and if you know the right tips and tricks – you can really heal your nose fast! πŸ™‚

That is not surprising considering the variety of jewelry you get to wear once you get a nose piercing done. There are different kinds of nose piercing, depending on the look that you prefer.

Whichever type you go in for, the time for nose piercing healing is more or less the same, which is approximately eight to twelve weeks from the day you get your nose pierced. It is vital that your nose piercing healing happens without a hitch so as to avoid any infection.

Types of nose piercing

You must have seen quite a few people with nostril piercing. But there are two other types, which are the septum piercing and the bridge piercing. Any surface piercing takes more time to heal. This is the case with bridge piercing as well, which is a surface piercing and may take up to 6 months to heal. Also take into account that if you go for a bridge piercing it may get rejected – it depends on each individual how your body will react on the bridge piercing.

If you have a nostril piercing, the healing process can be as little as a few weeks . Amazingly, a nostril piercing tends to close up the quickest if you remove the jewelry. So do not risk removing the jewelry if you want to hang on to the piercing! In fact, don’t even think of changing the jewelry before the piercing fully heals since it can be rather painful.

When you get the piercing done, your piercer will instruct you on what to do for the nose piercing healing. It would be better to follow these instructions carefully. If you apply makeup, you must take care to cleanse your face to avoid dirty make up from sticking to the piercing. You may be told to clean the piercing with an antibacterial soap. Any lotions must be avoided for a few weeks. If you smoke, this is your best chance to think about giving it up. Smoking will result in the build up of tiny residue in your nose and prolong the healing process.

Sometimes, in spite of everything, the piercing might get infected. In most cases, it would resemble a pimple. If the pain is unbearable, contact your piercer instead of trying to remove your nose ring or stud by yourself. If you remove the jewelry while the infection is still there, it will worsen. Salt water soaks can tackle the infection.

To speed up the nose piercing healing, never touch the piercing. And take care while wiping your face as your towel can hook on to the nose ring! πŸ™‚

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  1. In reference to the last line -And take care while wiping your face as your towel can hook on to the nose ring!
    You should never dry fresh piercings on towels as towels carry a phenomonal amount of bacteria.
    Just a heads up!

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