Nicole Richie – Nipple Piercing Causes Alarm In The Airport!

Nicole Richie Nipple PiercingRecently in the news was the headline “Nicole Richie – nipple piercing causes alarm in the airport!” Little did she imagine that her choice of body piercing, namely her nipple piercing would set the alarms off at airport security when she went in for her security check! 🙂

The thing about body piercing covered by clothing is – if you end up with the security guards at the airport, you have no choice but to reveal these parts. But when Nicole Richie’s nipple piercing caused an alarm in the airport she wasn’t embarrassed at all to have to end up showing her breasts to the airport security!

Nicole Richie, mother to a two year old, is best known for her role in reality show The Simple Life together with celebrity Paris Hilton. She is also an aspiring singer. The “Nicole Richie’s nipple piercing causes alarm in airport” headline happened when she was on her way from Reno, Nevada to New York City.

Her nipple piercing got the metal detectors at the security checkpoint going, alerting the security. When they questioned her, she informed them that she had a body piercing. That ought to have cleared up the matter. She asked them what they were going to do about it, and suggested they scan it.

The authorities then called in a couple of female officers to take Nicole Richie aside and requested her to take her top off. Luckily, Nicole is not shy or that might have been a problem. What bugged Nicole was the fact that stuff like lighters are allowed on the plane, so why should “Nicole Richie – nipple piercing causes alarm in the airport!” hit the headlines? Obviously she was not going to cause any damage with her nipple ring!

About Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are sexy and stimulating – visually, physically and mentally. Most people with nipple piercings wear nipple rings which go through the nipple’s flesh. In the beginning it might be a bit sensitive and painful since it is a delicate area. However, nipple piercings are chosen by people not just because they look sexy but also for the extra sensitivity and erotic feel. And that is probably why Nicole Richie got a nipple piercing too! 😉

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  1. I thought that was a urban legend. I’ve never known anyone, including myself, to set off security alarms with nipple piercing (or any other private piercing for that matter.

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