Nervous as heck

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

I have never thought about getting my tongue pierced ever…at first I wanted a surface piercing on my wrist but they didn’t do that, so I went home and thought about what I am gonna do, so then I thought about a tongue piercing and wasn’t sure if I should get something like that pierced cuz I have heard a lot about a tongue piercing that wasn’t so good…

I was afraid they might hit the veins and my face would go numb, stuff like that…the next day I said heck with it and I decided to go get my tongue pierced…nervous as can be no pain when I got it done it was surprisingly easy. they told me to use mouth wash 3 times a day for about 4 weeks to clean the piercing out then i could change the barbel. now it has been 3 days and everything is still fine no infection nothin wrong, I am so glad I got it done, the piercer did a wonderful job getting it straight and perfect! you just got to find the right piercer.

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