Navel Industrial Piercing

Have you ever thought about getting a navel industrial piercing? If not – then maybe it’s the right time to weigh all the pros and cons!

First of all – it’s going to be something different. Not many girls have a navel industrial project and you’ll definitely have all people’s eyes on you during the summertime!

Secondly – how many actually know what navel industrial is all about? Maybe even you don’t know what it is! Well, it’s simply two navel piercings joined together using an industrial barbell.

In body piercing industry the very term ‘industrial’ refers to any type of a body piercing that has been joined together using a single barbell. So it can actually be two, three or even more piercing holes – such piercing solutions aren’t uncommon when it comes to ear industrial piercings.

Well, when you get a navel industrial, you can’t physically join together more than two piercings. You get either the upper and the lower navel piercings or the right and the left side. Of even both – if you want to get a double navel industrial! In this case it’s going to look as if a cross has been inserted into your belly button.

So when the piercer pierces the navel in two places, he pushes through a long barbell and joins the navel piercings together. Here you can read an interesting navel industrial piercing story – and the girl who got it was very happy!

The only thing – I can’t understand why the piercer chose to bend a metallic barbell and insert it into the industrial project…

After all, belly button piercing is a surface piercing and it’s kind of harder to heal than others – let’s say, nose or ear piercings. So when you have a solid metallic bar inserted into both fresh piercings, it can hamper the piercing process.

Therefore I think the best way to get a navel industrial is either by using a flexible PTFE barbell, or insert two separate belly rings into the fresh piercings until they heal properly.


  1. I got mine done yesterday after noon by two of the best piercers i know (one watching on) it took ages to get the lines right and paired up. The pain just felt like two normal piercings but the pain is now. As its the next morning the top of the piercing doesnt hurt.. But the bottom part of the bar is so painfull- it looks like its ripping out of the skin. But everyones looks like that. The bottom part hurts just like the stitchesbfrom keyhole surgery. So prepare urself for it for the fee days after… Im covered in tats and piercings and this is the second most painfull but its very cute:)

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