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Are you looking for the best navel body jewelry? If so then you have come to the right place. Here you will find out everything you need to know about choosing the best navel body jewelry to suit you!

Before you can choose the best navel jewelry to suit you, you need to first understand what is available. So many people stick with plain, traditional belly bars or studs because they do not know what else is available. However why stick with something boring when you could be making the most out of your piercing?

One type of navel body jewelry that you may not have considered is a personalised belly ring. You can choose to personalise your belly ring in whichever way you want to. Some of the best looking designs contain just two initials. However you can also choose to have your full name or somebody else’s name printed onto the ring if you would prefer. These types of belly rings have a more personal touch to them and they can look really good too.

Another popular type of navel body jewelry is gem or crystal belly rings. They add a little sparkle to the navel and really help to draw attention to it. They would look great on a night out or for special occasions. Different types of gem belly rings will give your navel a different appearance. A pink butterfly design will give you a more girly appearance, whilst a blue gem on a titanium belly bar will give your navel a sophisticated and sexy appearance.

There is even the option to have funny navel body jewelry such as road sign belly rings. These have road sign quotes printed on them and they truly are unique. They tend to mainly have an adult theme so they would not be suitable for people under the age of 18.

Navel body jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter what appearance you would like to give your navel, you will always find something suitable if you shop around. If it is your first time belly piercing then it might be better to opt for titanium belly rings. That way there is a lesser risk of you developing an infection or reaction that some types of metal can cause!


  1. i think that for the shopping part on this web site you should have pictures of the products because in my oppinion i want to be able to see the something befour i buy it to know if i really like it ..but other then that this is a really cool website and i think it will be alot of help to people who are looking into getting something pierced.

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