My tongue ring

By Saterica from Alabama.


the first time i got my tongue ring was like a year ago i was 16 it was exciting i got it because it look cool and i really wanted one because i love piercing .so me my sister and one of her friend went to get one for their birthday.

i was very nervous and afraid because i thought it was going to hurt really really bad but it didn’t because everybody i ask did it hurt they said it did but when i got mines it didn’t really hurt it was just after i got it did .

I went and got my tongue pierced on march 2,2012. . I was soooo scared. I went alone which i knew was dangerous but it all worked out fine. She did it for $15. It seemed like only a pinch to me but i was like in shock because I’ve been wanting to get it done for a long time and i had finally gotten it.

I got in trouble that day because i came home late but i didn’t care i had my tongue pierced !!!! It kind of hurt for the first two months and there were times where puss came out but i cleaned it really well and now its fine. It also hurt for about the first two months. My parents had found out about it like a month ago.

They made me take it out but no more that 2 hours later they said that i could keep it. It was hard to get it back in but i did. I love it !! and i plan on getting my belly button pierced and my ear again. 🙂 i only have a few tongue rings and i would like to get more and this website has the coolest ones that i really like so i hope to hear from you guys soon thank you !!

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