My Sexy, Little Tongue Ring

By Svetlana from Nevada

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About a year ago, I’ve decided to get my tongue pierced. I’ve always wanted one for so long. I was 18 yrs old and no I didn’t need my parents permission. What inspired me was nothing really, I just wanted it done and it looked sexy and I believed it would suit me. 😉

The studio i chose to go was just random. I remember my cousin Lydia went with me and we were BOTH supposed to get it done but she ended up not getting it.

I was asking my piercer  who turned out to be a lesbian and it made me feel better because it was a girl and not a guy. She was really nice and was talking to me like I was her friend. She made sure to tell me every detail on proper care of the piercing. I went ahead and chose the jewelry and asked her a few more questions unrelated to my piercing. I asked her about getting microdermals on the back of my neck. She said this wasn’t the best choice and they dont always heal properly because neck moves a lot. I felt like she was being honest with me.

She went ahead and gave me his special mouthwash so I can rinse my mouth out. After I gargled and spit it out, she asked me which spot of my tongue would I like it pierced at. I showed her, she grabbed a non washable blue marker and marked a little small dot as a pointer on where I was going to get pierced. She told me to go look in the mirror she had up on the wall, I did. The spot was perfect! 😀

I was excited so I told her to go for it. My cousin asked if she needed to hold my hand, I said no. I was a little nervous, but stoked. The piercer went ahead and put a clamp on my tongue and told me to breathe in. I was sitting on the table, as she grabbed a needle and shoved it through my tongue from the bottom pushing it up. As i was focusing on my breathing, she told me I was almost done. She put the barbell through the needle and lastly screwed on the top of the ball.

She gave me aftercare guidelines. I was just suppose to be rinsing my mouth every time I ate.
It took 4 weeks to heal. Never got infected! 🙂

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