“My Piercing Is Infected? I Think I’ll Remove The Jewelry Right Away!”

Infected Piercing - Should I remove jewelry?That is a myth and you have to know it! Generally body piercing tends to heal normally within the time your piercer tells you. Of course, it makes a difference how you look after your body piercing, cleaning it as instructed.

Unfortunately, sometimes the piercing can get infected. At such times, some people make the big mistake of trying to remove the jewelry. This should never be done! Why?

Because if you do remove your jewelry, your skin will begin to close over the infection. When this happens, the infection will become trapped inside your skin, and form an abscess. Once an abscess forms, you might have no option but to go in for surgery to get it removed. That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

Your piercer will explain to you about the possibility of an infection and what to do when that happens. You see, the reason why the jewelry should not be removed is that even when the piercing is infected, with the right treatment, the infection can just drain out through the piercing.

After that, the process of healing resumes. If you remove the jewelry, it’s like you are locking in the infection with no way for it to go out. Then it has no choice but to grow inside, causing a much bigger problem than you bargained for.

If you really have to remove your jewelry do it under the advice and supervision of a doctor who puts you on antibiotic medication for the infection!

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