My Monroe Piercing Story

This monroe piercing story was submitted by Melanie Fairon.

Monroe Piercing Story

I was 17 when I was first considering getting a Monroe piercing because I had seen so many of my friends get one and I saw how it enhanced their facial features by drawing attention to them, so I discussed it with my friends and family and they all agreed that I should get it! 🙂

Unfortunately the funds for it were not available at the time so I held off until the summer after my 19th birthday. My friend Andrea and I went to a local place we’ve both been to before to get some information about it and then one Friday afternoon we grabbed another friend of ours and my boyfriend tagged along to watch the process. 😀

Andrea went first getting her belly button pierced while I was choosing the jewellery for my Monroe piercing. The girl who pierced us was very knowledgeable in piercings sporting a few different ones of her face as well as a few others she mentioned getting.

After choosing the jewellery I rinsed out my mouth to make it extra sterile then she used numbing lotion (weirdest feeling ever btw!) and she marked the spot on my lip where the piercing would go and after asking what trusty crew what they thought about the location grabbed her trusty gloves and hollow point needle.

Then she told me to count to three and then she put the needle through my lip with very little pain ❗ My friend Andrea seemed to get some pleasure out of the fact that my lip started bleeding for a short period but after she cleaned it up I walked out of the studio with a new feeling of self-confidence and one badass beautiful piercing that I plan on keeping as long as I can!

Eventually I plan on adding to my body mod collection but who knows when that’ll happen exactly?

That’s the adventure of an unplanned piercing afternoon with my crew at my side, and I hope this story encourages people to consider body mods as an art form! 😉

* * *

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